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Motive Learning’s Software is Training the Aerospace Industry


When companies must train their workforce and prove it is qualified to perform roles critical to operational or mission success, they rely on Motive Learning.

Companies like United Launch Alliance, Menzies Aviation and Satcom Direct have thousands of employees, contractors and customers, and each person requires specialized training that must be administered and tracked. It takes a robust Learning Management System (LMS), like that developed by Motive Learning, to accommodate the aerospace industry’s heavily regulated requirements.

The Space Coast-based learning technology company has proven its ability to deliver an LMS that allows its clients to confirm employees meet qualification requirements and report their status to customers and regulatory authorities in real time.

Motive LMS Helps ULA Meet U.S. Air Force Facility Access Requirements

United Launch Alliance, a joint venture of Lockheed Martin Space Systems and Boeing Defense, Space & Security, provides launch services to a diverse group of customers. It must ensure the employees of all its external contractors who require access to launch sites at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Vandenberg Air Force Base in California meet facility access requirements of the U.S. Air Force. This includes annual completion of U.S. Government Facility Access Training. Motive Learning provides the LMS platform that manages the external distribution of this learning content, as well as tracks and logs each person’s required training.

Using one system outside the ULA network to deliver electronic courses provides customers and suppliers with access to required training anytime, anywhere. The Motive Learning LMS also simplifies training management and reporting by placing the data at the system administrator’s fingertips, which expedites the resolution of audit requests.

A Small Business Exceeding Big Business Expectations

“Being a ‘boutique’ firm and focusing our attention on a defined industry sector, we’re able to develop integrated solutions that many of the larger LMS software companies can’t or won’t,” said Motive Learning’s co-founder Karla Roberts. “We provide personal, one-on-one service to each client and customize the Motive LMS to integrate into their unique work flow. It’s where we prove our value.”

That’s evident in their work with UK-based Menzies Aviation, which recently acquired Aircraft Service International Group (ASIG). Menzies provides aircraft refueling and fuel farm management, cargo transfers, baggage handling and other services on the tarmac and at passenger gates.

With its purchase of ASIG in early 2017, Menzies Aviation’s reach into the Americas greatly expanded and it immediately grew from 5,000 to over 11,000 employees. They live and work from Canada to Colombia— including at Orlando International, Orlando Sanford International and Orlando Melbourne International airports — speak different languages, have their own payroll and benefits systems, and must abide by varying regulatory compliance standards.

The newly formed Menzies Aviation Americas division needed an LMS that could address its many employee training requirements and interface with its human resources information system platform to accurately track compliance of everyone on its payroll. Prior to the acquisition, it was using a more primitive database in which they had to manually enter and track employee training. The system was limited in capability and didn’t have the capacity to manage the additional workforce. Fortunately, the purchase of ASIG came with a bonus: a contract with Motive Learning and the demonstrated success of its Motive LMS platform.

“We have an LMS system that we use in the UK and Europe, but it didn’t meet our unique needs here in the Americas and it would have taken a great deal of time to bring it up to the level of what Motive Learning was already providing,” said Jane Bernier-Tran, training and regulatory director at Menzies Aviation Americas. “Motive Learning’s LMS had been used successfully by ASIG and their platform was able to adapt to our specifications. After comparing the systems we had available, it was clear that we would go with Motive Learning.”

Going Global, Serving Local

With a growing client list in the U.S., UK, Europe, the Caribbean, and Central America, Motive Learning is quickly gaining a worldwide reputation as the “go-to” LMS in the aviation industry.

This includes Brevard County-based Satcom Direct, a leader in global communications services, support and technology for airlines and executive aircraft. Satcom Direct needed a platform and software to train and certify its employees and those of the customers to which it sold its technology and services in 14 different countries. “We found many of the companies that build LMS platforms had little flexibility when it came to adapting their products for our needs,” said Mark Mata, Satcom Direct director of training. “Motive Learning’s ability to design custom programs allowed us to expand our course offerings, and we’ve been able to monetize our platforms by providing training that leads to certifications throughout the aviation industry.”

Motive LMS 5.0 — The Next Generation of Learning Management Systems

This summer, Motive Learning debuted Motive LMS 5.0. The platform offers even more flexibility and customization. Roberts says Motive LMS 5.0 is designed with the customer’s customer in mind. Along with its advanced course content development and tracking capabilities, its intuitive, predictive analytics can spot potential problems or conflicts in compliance or qualifications. “Our clients and their customers want to know the people they employ are qualified to do the work for which they’ve been hired and can prove it. Our job at Motive Learning is to ensure they have exactly what they need to conduct their business and adhere to the stringent regulations these industries have for performance and safety.”

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