MedExpress and Welsh Construction

Helping to Deliver Convenient Medical Care

The American market is as drawn to the combination of attractive design and convenience as it is to user-friendly, portable technology. Perhaps it started with food being delivered right to our automobiles. Soon gas stations became convenience stores, and later, multi-purpose pharmacies were appearing at every major intersection in communities across the country. It should not surprise us then that those seeking non-emergency medical services would want the same mixture of convenient locations, aesthetically pleasing facilities and highly professional staffs.

Now in more than 250 locations and in more than a dozen states, that is what MedExpress Urgent Care Walk In Centers provide.

MedExpress, a subsidiary of Optum, the multinational medical innovation company, operates these full-service urgent care facilities. They provide a broad scope of services for non-life threatening illnesses with a focus on high-quality, convenient and affordable healthcare. In fact, the company website describes them as “Neighborhood Medical Centers” with a full medical team providing urgent care, basic wellness and prevention, along with employer health services.

One Step Ahead

Moving into the Central Florida market, MedExpress was attracted to Welsh Construction’s experience in the medical sector and reputation for cost effective, on-time delivery. “We knew MedExpress was coming into the state and had plans for multiple locations, so it was an alliance we wanted to pursue,” Ken Welsh, CEO of Welsh Construction, commented.

MedExpress’ construction schedule is considered tight, along with penalties for failure to finish on time. Yet Welsh finished early, which put them in a very select group of contractors.

As a national firm with multiple facilities, MedExpress has a number of strategic partners whose work or products are incorporated into the finished product, a uniqueness Welsh was able to easily adapt to. “I think the level of communication we have with the client is an important differentiator for us,” Welsh added.

This was echoed by Rodney Turner, MedExpress’ construction project manager. He spoke of his experience working with Welsh: “We have a pretty stringent construction schedule, but what I noticed about the team at Welsh was they were always one step ahead of any problem or concern that arose. There was an admirable attention to detail in how they approached the job, which anticipated issues before it hampered our delivery schedule.”

A Proactive Approach

The project was overseen by construction veteran Steven Anderson, who not only has over 30 years of industry experience, but is also a third-generation contractor. Anderson enjoyed a successful run with his own company, then sold the business, and after working on some substantial projects in South Florida he wanted to keep his roots in Brevard County. Welsh was the right fit.

Even for someone with Anderson’s experience, the MedExpress project was challenging. “It was a fast-track project, with a 110-day schedule,” he said. “Since MedExpress is headquartered out of state, we had to be on our toes and proactive to work with them through the nuances of our local building codes.”

Only one out of 25 facilities MedExpress builds is awarded for coming in ahead of schedule, but Anderson and the job superintendent Hank Richard both received bonuses from MedExpress.

With Florida poised to be one of the fastest-growing states in the country, companies like MedExpress will continue to be attracted to the market, and builders like Welsh are poised to exceed their expectations.

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