New Partnerships with BRIDG

Bring Innovative Technological Opportunities

Located at NeoCity in Osceola County, BRIDG is a not-for-profit, industry-led public-private partnership. It strives to establish itself as a major hub for companies
dedicated to advanced sensors, semiconductors and photonics. Designed as one of the world’s most flexible and adaptable fabrication facilities, BRIDG provides research, development and infrastructure capabilities for manufacturing processes and materials geared toward enhancing innovation.

“Partners like Siemens help us develop and provide commercialization infrastructure, as well as capabilities for proof of concept, custom development and pilot production.”

– Chester Kennedy

Establishing Digital Twin Solutions

As digital technology transforms and traverses diverse industries, it is appropriate these capabilities facilitate the digitalization of semiconductor manufacturing. With an in-kind grant valued at more than $30 million to drive the development of digital twins, BRIDG and Siemens are partnering to create the first Semiconductor Digital Enterprise Solution.

“The opportunity for BRIDG to team with Siemens and lead the semiconductor industry in digital mapping of the device building blocks associated with manufacturing advanced microelectronics is tremendous,” said Chester Kennedy, chief executive officer of BRIDG. “Partners like Siemens help us develop and provide commercialization infrastructure, as well as capabilities for proof of concept, custom development and pilot production. This program lays the foundation for semiconductor design for manufacturing by establishing digital duplicates for model-based systems.”

Product simulation with digital twins eliminates process errors and improves fabrication outputs. The combination of expertise establishes and revolutionizes Digital Twin technologies by providing Siemens’ software portfolio to enable BRIDG’s research and development activities. The result allows manufacturing companies to streamline and digitalize business processes, seamlessly integrating suppliers into the mix to help improve manufacturing throughput, increase product quality and reduce costs across the lifecycle of products from ideation to realization and utilization.

“BRIDG is in a unique position to advance innovation in the semiconductor industry with its smart manufacturing wafer fabrication facility dedicated to new product launch in the Internet of Things,” said Rob Rudder, vice president, Siemens PLM Software. “Siemens is proud to partner with BRIDG and provide its Digital Enterprise Solution to help accelerate innovation in the manufacturing development of advanced technologies in smart sensors.”

Integrating the Power Cell

BRIDG and Face International Corporation, a technology company with 60-plus patents, are collaborating on the development and integration of the Evercell power cell, a patented energy-harvesting technology powering wireless IoT sensors without batteries. With the goal to commercialize and achieve mass production by 2019, BRIDG and Face International are cooperatively undertaking technology validation for product integration development and prototype manufacturing.

Evercell power cells utilize distinct materials to harvest thermal energy in environments where ambient temperatures reach above absolute zero, generating electrical power essential to conduct wireless IoT sensors without batteries. These power cells are inexpensive to produce, consume no fuel, acquire no moving parts and contain no toxic products.

“In driving the continued expansion of the IoT, the Evercell technology can potentially be to batteries what light bulbs were to candles,” said Dan Holladay, director of Strategic Partnerships at BRIDG. “The cost, inconvenience and inaccessibility associated with battery replacement make them impractical as a power source for many of the IoT sensor applications. The promise of Evercell technology could address an unmet demand for IoT devices relying on batteries.”

Leveraging Partnerships

Harvey L. Massey, chairman and CEO of Massey Services, the fifth largest pest management company in the United States, has been heavily involved with the evolution of BRIDG since its inception. His visionary role and unwavering support have been essential pieces bringing BRIDG to fruition. 

“I believe BRIDG will be one of the most successful technology projects this community has ever seen,” said Massey. “The best-in-class research and development facility continues to drive forward innovative products that will have significant impact on how companies can influence their customer’s daily lives.”

Massey Services will help develop and leverage cutting-edge sensor technology at BRIDG’s microelectronics facility.

“We’re ecstatic to reach the stage where we can partner with Massey Services on the continued evolution of smart sensors technology,” said Kennedy. “This partnership is instrumental in our forward momentum, and we look forward to this collaboration.”

As companies advance products through the development cycle, BRIDG provides the infrastructure needed to test ideas and serve as the bridge to product commercialization.

“By leveraging our growing list of industry partners and the existing strengths of academic partners, such as UCF, we strengthen Florida as a global leader of innovation,” said Kennedy. 

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