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Wieland Builds Loyalty Along with Each Project

On State Road 417 just south of Orlando International Airport in Lake Nona, drivers can spot a structure that serves many functions. Four pillars stand guarding a 42-foot entrance that invites people to wonder not only what’s housed in the building but also who constructed it. The structure is the headquarters of consumer electronics manufacturer Voxx International, which chose commercial construction firm, Wieland, to build it.

“On that project in particular, we truly catered to our client’s needs,” said Andy Yarber, vice president and regional director of Wieland Orlando. “It’s a multi-purpose building that features corporate offices, manufacturing space and warehousing.”

Voxx needed a space that was functional and wanted it to look as forward-thinking and high-end as the brands it represents and the products it creates. The company knew Wieland would deliver.

For its work on the project, Wieland won an Eagle Award from the Central Florida Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors in 2016. The same year, the project also was recognized as the best Special Use Development of the Year by NAIOP Central Florida, a commercial real estate development association. “It was a significant project for us,” Yarber said.

The company builds solid relationships with clients by opening regional offices wherever their clients are expanding. With its headquarters in Lansing, Michigan, Wieland has regional offices spread across the United States, including Orlando; Shreveport, Louisiana; Raleigh, North Carolina; and San Diego.

“All of those regional offices were born by having clients for projects that we run out of Michigan that had taken us to other regions,” Yarber said. “In each new region, we aim to build a name for ourselves. We found an opportunity to put a stake in the ground in Orlando back in July of 2006, and that’s when I moved to Orlando to help start this office. Our Orlando office grew from one to now 35 employees in 12 years.”

Striving for Greatness

Embedded into the structure of Wieland stands a moral code based on value, empathy, honesty and solutions. The company culture encourages its employees to aim for excellence. Wieland spells it out in the acronym STRIVE:

S – Solve problems before they become problems.
T – Tell the truth.
R – Retain customers by going where they go.
I – Identify and hire the best people.
V – Value employees as family.
E – Excel by outworking the competition.

Yarber attests to the company code. Not only does Wieland retain customers by setting up regional offices where their clients are, but Yarber himself is an example of how employees can grow their careers with the company.

“I started with Wieland in the spring of 1998 as a project superintendent in Nassau, Bahamas. It’s the last job that I ever got by answering an ad in the newspaper … they don’t even have those anymore do they?” Yarber laughed as he recalled working on that first project: the historic renovation of the British Colonial Hilton.

“The ad read something like ‘Looking for superintendent’ and ‘Caribbean travel.’ That caught my eye,” Yarber said. “I reached out and had lunch with Rob Krueger, who’s our CEO, and the rest is history.”

A Beam of Hope

A company with a solid foundation that was set in 1958, Wieland is accustomed to adapting and growing despite challenges. The recession was on the horizon when Wieland established its Orlando office in 2006.

“It was a struggle in the beginning,” Yarber said, “but through the long-term belief in the Central Florida market, we were able to sustain through the lean years and come out of it strong.”

In 2011, toward the end of the recession, Wieland was contracted to build a project like it had never done before. Millenia 700 Apartment Homes in Orlando is a 297-unit, four-story, multifamily complex that wraps around a pre-cast parking deck. The Wieland team accepted the Millenia 700 challenge and completed the project six weeks early, not knowing that it would be the initial step down a new path. Today, along with its industrial and commercial offerings, Wieland builds apartment complexes like M North in Orlando, along with penthouses and luxury condominiums such as VistaBlue Singer Island in South Florida.

“The Millenia 700 project helped us pull out of the recession,” Yarber said. “It helped build momentum for the Orlando office of Wieland — and we didn’t know it at the time, but it was the start of building over 5,000 units that we’ve built nationwide.”

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