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Secured Investment Lending Uses Emerging
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(November 2019) – Picture it: You “flip” houses for a living. You purchase real estate, typically homes, at a discounted price in order to improve the property and sell it for a higher price. Your entire business is predicated on the ability to identify the perfect investment, secure a short-term loan, make quick improvements and then sell off the property as quickly as possible. Sounds complicated, right? Well, it can be if your lending partner isn’t focused on you, the customer.

“We started our careers flipping houses, so we knew what was missing from the lending experience,” said Nathan Trombetti, chief investment officer of Secured Investment Lending. “Many lenders are very transactional. We strive to build personal relationships with our clients and keep those relationships strong for years to come.”

Secured Investment Lending provides lending solutions for entrepreneurs looking for capital to buy and renovate distressed properties. Typically older homes or other properties in foreclosure, these do not always qualify for conventional bank loans. Lending services bridge the gap and make the entire industry work.

Humble Beginnings

Ernest C. Aulls III and Nathan Trombetti

The brainchild of Trombetti and fellow University of Central Florida graduate Ernest C. Aulls III, Secured Investment Lending was but a dream on the horizon. After graduating, Aulls started flipping houses. Trombetti worked in pharmaceutical sales but was also a silent investor in Aulls’ business.

“We are a good match,” Aulls said. “I am more of a business operations guy with some experience with marketing and sales. Nate is a real people person, but a smart business person, too.”

The duo went from flipping houses to servicing loans in a matter of years. There were many mistakes along the way, but that’s how they learned to grow as businessmen. They had to grow really fast when the economy collapsed in 2007-2008.

The entire wholesaling industry had crumbled. No one was buying homes, and the wholesaler market dried up. As the real estate market bounced back, so did Aulls and Trombetti — this time together. Initially focusing on the Central Florida real estate market, they started Secured Investment Lending. With a carefully constructed business model and funding from some Wall Street investors, they have expanded into a nationally accredited lender, diversifying their service offering.

“It has been great going from a local product to a national brand,” said Aulls, who is now the CEO. “If we can do it, anyone can. It all starts with understanding and catering to your customers’ needs. We continue to optimize and improve our customer experience. My advice? If you have customers, know their needs and make sure they are fulfilled. With the technology and automation available to us all, it’s never been easier to do that.”

Improving the Customer Experience

Businesses are relying on emerging technology more than ever in order to stay ahead of the competition. The goal is to make business transactions and experiences simpler, more direct and more valuable to the end user. The Internet of Things and various automations are bridging the gap between operations and client management. Aulls and Trombetti saw this growing trend and began reshaping their customer experience.

In 2017, the partners began looking at how their company could automate and streamline the customer experience. They built a portal on their website that allowed clients to access and monitor the status of an application at any time. The portal gives customers the peace of mind of knowing they don’t need to wait to check on their investments. For Secured Investment Lending, it makes managing those clients and their expectations much easier. It’s a win-win.

More technical adjustments will come because clients and competition demand it. The new technology of blockchain is already showing promise in increasing transactional security. Tomorrow’s new technologies will reshape entire industries. That’s where Secured Investment Lending is ahead of the game.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our business,” Aulls said. “Whether it’s building a more efficient operation or offering more relevant services, our first thought is always, ‘Is this going to improve our client experience?’ Without clients, there is no demand. Without demand, there is no business. That’s why at Secured Investment Lending, our clients come first.”

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