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Davia Moss | Spirit of Collaboration

In just six years as executive director of The Foundation for Seminole County Public Schools, Davia Moss facilitated the growth of annual revenue from $1 million to $7.5 million. In that same time, she oversaw a 320 percent increase in private support for students and teachers, facilitating an increase in contributions from $1.4 million to $4.6 million.

When she joined Sanford-based information technology company Next Horizon as vice president of operations and client services in 2017, President and Founder Harry Ellis knew he was partnering with the right person. He was looking for someone who could make a difference not only inside the company, but in the way the organization interacted with the community. He needed a master of collaboration.

“I knew I needed a leader with the unique ability to work across business functions to transform business friction into energy, all directed toward the company’s continued growth,” Ellis said.

True to form, Moss began to develop protocols and procedures designed to assist the company’s marketing and business development programs in realizing the 100 percent growth target projected for Next Horizon. In order to lead her new team as best she could, she took on the task of expanding her digital and technical expertise so she would have the same type of technical knowledge as her team.

“I had to be more focused on digital marketing technology that I had outsourced in the past. It takes a deep technical understanding of the latest technology, emerging platforms and current best practices,” she said. In the first 90 days, she earned her Google certificate in digital marketing and Scrum project management certification.

Her approach to each goal she tackles is undeniable, and she gladly shares her secret to success: “I am a firm believer that great accomplishments can only be attained by leveraging the strengths of a team — better than any new development created by an individual,” Moss said. “I feel that the strength of a community lies in the strength of its individuals.”

In Next Horizon, she found a company and a team that echoed this spirit of teamwork — both inside and outside of the office. Moss, a seasoned marketing professional in her own right, found herself facing a new set of goals: to dive into the world of digital marketing, IT and application development services in ways that challenged her, but with people who inspired her.

“I have learned and continue to learn a lot from the experts on staff, who all have a deep understanding in their particular subject areas,” Moss said of her coworkers.

Outside of the office, the team finds opportunities to collaborate with the community. “All employees at Next Horizon are encouraged to participate in charitable giving,” Moss said. “The company culture is focused on giving back to the community, and employees have the option to take a paid day off to volunteer.”

Moss brings her strengths in organization, marketing and team building to each of these efforts. One of her latest projects is her work as a member of the Seminole Action Board, a 28-member task force in Seminole County that was created in 2016 to lead government and business partnerships to address homelessness locally. The task force, aligned with the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness, is charged with serving as a catalyst to uplift the most fragile members of the community: families and individuals experiencing homelessness.

“Her commitment to the community has been expressed in a variety of involvements in Seminole, and that has made her an invaluable contributor to our strategic action approach,” said Philip Mangano, president and CEO of the American Round Table to Abolish Homelessness.

Giving to the community and working with others in reciprocal partnerships has always been at the heart of Moss’s philosophy, both professionally and personally. She serves on the alumni board for her alma mater, the University of Central Florida.

Moss also holds the position of public relations director on the board of directors for the Rotary Club of Lake Mary, and she’s especially proud of the organization’s work — as well as its philosophy of “service above self,” which mirrors her own. “Our local club members are part of a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders and problem solvers who see a world where people unite,” Moss said.

Through her willingness to learn, compassion for her community, and excitement for the future, Moss helps those same neighbors, friends and leaders come together every day.

“I personally aspire to the values of service above self … he who serves best profits most,” Moss said. “I truly feel blessed and fulfilled to be a contributing member of my hometown and region.”

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