Cooperation and Collaboration

Leadership inspires and moves others to action. Cooperation is not about who is right but what is right. It is doing the right thing at the sacrifice of one’s personal agenda.

Advancing to Prosperity

Leadership inspires and moves others to action. Cooperation is not about who is right but what is right. It is doing the right thing at the sacrifice of one’s personal agenda. Collaboration involves competitors working together for the betterment of all. Or as Mr. Spock said, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

This month’s cover story is a shining example of leadership that inspired others to action and how cooperation and collaboration work within a positive leadership model. Are Mayor Teresa Jacobs and Mayor Buddy Dyer the reason Orlando has put together an entertainment, sports and cultural environment unmatched by any community in the country? Not entirely. Did they have the power to stop it? Yes!

What they did was inspire the business community, civic organizations, and other political and business leaders to cooperate and collaborate toward the common goal that will benefit all Orlando citizens. There are hundreds of leaders who caused this powerful corridor of sports, entertainment and culture to become a reality. Nobody takes credit because they understand the following key aspect of leadership: “Just make a difference.” What you do for you only goes to your grave with you; what you do for others lasts for generations.


A Legacy of Values

Examine a family business like A. Duda & Sons; the fifth generation is now coming into power and hardly any family business makes it past the third generation. This is more significant than one realizes because it is the core values of the family, the vision and the ability to serve that continues to build a legacy. The community of Viera in Brevard County was the vacation ranch of the Duda family. When they made a decision to share this property with others, they did so in a manner that “made a difference” in thousands of families’ lives by sharing the fabulous views, the spirit and the warm hospitality.

Political “leadership” has become a misnomer because getting elected is, in most cases, a personal agenda. Getting votes is more important than doing right. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Tea Party members, Libertarians are all supposed to serve the population.

However, rarely can any of them take a non-political position. Where are the REAL leaders among them? When people start making decisions for votes, they are not making sound decisions to serve the constituents first, which is what they are elected to do. National politics could learn a lot from Orlando leadership as it relates to developing a vision and courageously pursuing it with cooperation and collaboration.

You see this strength of leadership in several areas, like the Metro Orlando EDC’s business branding campaign, Visit Orlando’s leadership for tourism, the Central Florida Partnership’s initiative to develop the region, the Florida High Tech Corridor, and UCF’s development of an academic institution to inspire and lead in all areas – just look at the incubator system for entrepreneurs and how many organizations contribute to its ultimate growth and success.


Building and Creating

Orlando’s own Rich DeVos and Dr. John Hitt are two extraordinary leaders that the entire nation could learn from. Their integrity and leadership skills are rare. Rich has always said, “Stay in the build and create mode.” If you take a look at the communities that thrive and prosper, you will find that they remain in the build and create stage of development. The truth is, we were all made to build and create, not manage.

Dr. John Hitt, the evangelist of partnerships and president of the University of Central Florida, provides five key points to successful partnerships:

1) Define your goal – know your WHY

2) Identify the potential partners

3) Be willing to give to get

4) Be flexible

5) Be mindful of potential unforeseen benefits


“We gain what we want through the help and support of others. To be agreeable, to be liked, to cooperate – this contributes immeasurably to our success. When we coordinate our efforts with the efforts of others, we speed the way to our goals. Cooperation builds success.” – Wynn Davis

Partnerships that cooperate and collaborate advance communities to prosperity.


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