By: Eric Wright

Sara Blakely, who amassed $1 billion by her mid 40s founding Spanx undergarments, argues that what you don’t know, can be your greatest strength. Like the bee that doesn’t know it isn’t aerodynamically designed to fly, when we don’t know we can’t, we do. All of us grow when we encounter new and unfamiliar places and opportunities, but doing so takes courage.

C.S. Lewis once said, “Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.”  Our aspirations and values are simply lofty sentiments until we activate them with courage. What is honesty, if we feel it is safer to shade the truth in the moment? What is hope if we cave into despair?
Everyone has fears, only the deranged live without its influence. Courage helps you manage and direct your fear, so that when needed, you do what is needed.  As naval officer Admiral William Halsey said, “There are no great men, there are only ordinary men who because of extraordinary circumstances are forced to meet great challenges.”

Taking risks is how we grow in life, from starting a business, to asking that special someone out on a date.  In the process, all great achievers fail. Babe Ruth holds Major League Baseball’s strike out record. He holds quite a few other records also. You will pay a price in life in either regret or discipline. Regret for the things we did not do is difficult to inconsolable. As Winston Churchill said, “Better to try and fail, than fail to try.”

Most of us are well intended, but the tires that give traction to our intentions are usually daring acts.  What carries intentions that begin nobly to a meaningful and lasting conclusion?  It is undoubtedly the courage to persevere through the inevitable obstacles and setbacks that always stand between a vision’s conception and its realization.  The majority of organizations like churches are formed around noble intentions, but they don’t always produce outstanding results.  One observer commented, “Most religious organizations aren’t built with bad people. They are primarily composed of good people, but who are afraid to do anything — they are good…for nothing.” Ouch!

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