Discovering the Universal Laws

The creative ambition of people should never be restrained. However, many times dreams are tainted with greed and envy.

Keys to Charting Your Destiny

by Jeff Piersall, Aug. 2012

“The achievement of impossible goals is possible as long as the goals and the methods of reaching them do not violate Universal Laws, the Laws of God and the rights of your fellow man.”  – W. Clement Stone, from Think and Grow Rich

The creative ambition of people should never be restrained.  However, many times dreams are tainted with greed and envy.  As Stone explains you simply cannot violate certain rights and laws in the pursuit of success.

The Laws of God and the rights of your fellow man can be found and studied.  The Universal Laws, however, are often missed and they are not up for debate, only understanding.  I want to thank Rick McCotter, who offers a valuable training for individuals and teams, for unleashing our creativity and sharing his views on these laws.

Law of Thought

Guard your thoughts carefully as they will become reality.  Without the development of this law in your life, your potential simply cannot be achieved.  This law sets the table for all others to be properly applied; remember the main difference between man and all other living things is the ability to direct his THINKING.  If you do not use this law, you are no different from any other animal roaming earth.

Law of Relativity

Everything in life is neither good nor bad until you RELATE it to something and put value on it.  Admiral Stocksdale viewed his time as a P.O.W. as his greatest opportunity – by controlling his viewpoint of the circumstances, he turned a perceived negative into his greatest moment.

Law of Vibration

All things alive possess energy – a vibration that is in constant motion and change.  Things in motion can either be directed toward an outcome or will just randomly go somewhere.  As Yogi Berra says, “If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up somewhere else.”  It is the sailboat without a rudder – the wind takes it where it wants, instead of the sailor using the wind to get where he wants to go.

Law of Polarity

All things possess an opposite: Hot/Cold, Up/Down, Good/Bad, Dark/Light, Love/Hate.  In order for good, there must be bad.  Observe this law with laser focus; it is important to grasp its full meaning.

Law of Rhythm

Life possesses a rhythm – the sun rises and sets, the tide goes out and in, storms come and go.  Pay attention to and stay in sync with the rhythm of life. 

Law of Cause and Effect

Every action has a reaction, and they are equal and constant.  Many people speak on guarding your actions, but they fail to mention that it is your reaction to a situation that either propels you to new heights or plunges you into the depths.

Law of Time

There is a time to plant, a time to cultivate and a time to harvest.  All things of value take time – there is a natural gestation or incubation period to all living things and remember “ideas” are living thoughts; they will move into reality with time if you use diligent and disciplined thought and action.  Beware of the “lotto” mentality – you cannot skip the cultivation process in order to harvest.

The Universal Laws are neither unchangeable nor adjustable; they are constant.  Here are a few guidelines that may help manage these laws.

1)    You will never know how to achieve your purpose; it will come with time – but if you do not know why to achieve, you will never get started and discover the how.

2)    Life is fair; it gives what we deserve and earn, not what we want.

3)    Opportunity hides itself in what appears as an unsolvable challenge.

4)    Promotion always leads to opposition.

5)    Don’t seek approval, only wisdom.

6)    Lastly, avoid those who judge, criticize, speak negatively, find fault and bad mouth others.  Speak only what is true, kind and necessary.

The path to achieving your goal is filled with twists, turns and temptations.  You can’t quit because of the twists and turns and don’t violate the principles when the temptation of shortcuts appear.  Most importantly, the key to achieving your potential is found in the Book of Proverbs where it says, “the way a man thinks he will become.”  You will become what you think.  The solution for success is simple but not easy.  Start by taking control of your thoughts and you will become the driver of the car – instead of a passenger – in your journey called life.



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