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Five Fundamentals for Success

[By Jeff Piersall]

There are thousands of books and hundreds of motivational speakers that can describe a formula for success.  When you whittle them all down to the basics, these five just seem to always show up as the fundamentals, the ones most repeated by successful people.  We can all accept that success has many different definitions.  But, ultimately when you discuss success in relationship to achievement, the five fundamentals identified here must be practiced and developed in order to achieve the highest level of success.  No different than practicing dribbling, shooting and passing in order to be a great basketball player; the difference is anyone can practice these fundamentals.

Success Defined: “The progressive realization of a worthy idea.” 

dogsdontbarkatparkedcarsWhen you fully understand this definition then you can begin to apply these five fundamentals toward your worthy idea.  You will begin to realize that success is not measured by material possessions, in fact, success precedes material possessions.  The high school student who achieves graduation; the mother who lives in poverty, but raises her children and sends them to college; the business owner who motivates his employees to achieve are all successes because they are driven by purpose, not the accumulation of stuff.  Money is a result, not a purpose. 

You can beat 50{bfd614f294d07c51b84c8dad33a56885001f0ed7300088ac66752d3246377d5a} of the people by just showing up; you will whip another 40{bfd614f294d07c51b84c8dad33a56885001f0ed7300088ac66752d3246377d5a} by being honest; it’s the last 10{bfd614f294d07c51b84c8dad33a56885001f0ed7300088ac66752d3246377d5a} where the “fight” starts. This is where the excitement begins – it is also where the Five Fundamentals of Success are most applicable, winning the last 10{bfd614f294d07c51b84c8dad33a56885001f0ed7300088ac66752d3246377d5a}. 

» Fundamental #1 is a “burning desire” to succeed.  This seems so obvious, but most people miss it completely.  A burning desire is best illustrated by the feeling you would have if you were in Orlando, Florida and your young child is in Los Angles, California.  You have only 12 hours to get to Los Angeles or you will never see your child again.  Here’s the rub: you have no money, credit cards, phone or car.  Will you get to California?  There is not a responsible parent in the world that would not have a burning desire to get to California and they would find a way to get it done, although at the moment they can’t tell you how, but they know why.  A burning desire is about knowing your “why”; it is not so important to know “how.”  Without this type of desire, you will quit under the adversity that every journey to success always brings.

» Fundamental #2 is a deep and sincere belief.  This means a belief in you, your company, industry and product.  A true belief system is one that enables you to challenge or discuss someone else’s beliefs that may be completely different from your own, but not be persuaded by those beliefs. You will always encounter more people who do not believe in you, your company, your industry or product, than you will ever encounter who are positive.  Life and business is a game of failure; the successes belong to those who don’t stay down. Therefore, you must always work and build on your belief system.  Probably the most ignored area and the most important area is your belief in YOU.  You cannot believe in something else before you believe in yourself, work on YOU!

» Fundamental # 3 is clearly defined and written goals that have a deadline.  We hear about goals all the time, and for the most part it goes in one ear and out the other. People continue to operate with better plans for their vacation than their lives.  If you were driving from Orlando to Denver you would first get a map, or these days pull up your GPS, to determine where you are going.  If during the trip you run into some problems, you might take a detour, which may add some time to your trip, but you still achieve the goal though you have an unexpected stop in Topeka. 

Think about your children. How long is it okay for them to remain in the third grade?  Our educational system has established very clear, obtainable and measurable goals for our children and most stay on target through graduation. But then what happens? There was a study done on a graduating class from a major university, which found that only 3 percent had clearly defined and written goals with deadlines or expectations for achievement. Twenty years later, the 3 percent who graduated with goals had a net worth that was greater than the combined net worth of the other 97 percent who did not have goals.

» Fundamental #4 is the ability to work hard and not lose balance.   Hard work is a must in order to achieve anything, but losing everything else along the way, in particular family and health, is unacceptable and often leads to a certain emptiness and sadness in your success.  True success is obtained when your work is your joy and your joy is your work.  Work is necessary and unavoidable so do what you enjoy and remember that the balls of life that you juggle every day, friends, family and health are glass balls and if dropped will be damaged for life, work is a rubber ball and will bounce back.

» Fundamental #5 is time.  This one, in our results-orientated society, gives us the most problems.  We used to be a society that understood planting, cultivating and harvesting.  Today we have become a society of plant and harvest, a microwave society wanting everything yesterday.  We have forgotten the most important aspect of the equation, cultivating the seeds we have sown, or delayed gratification.  The cultivation process takes time and involves hard work, goals, belief and a desire to harvest.  Remember this definition for faith – persistence.  You cannot persist without faith – all great things come with time.  Give your “worthy idea” the nurturing time it needs for it to become a reality.  

Jeff_Piersall copyJeff Piersall is co-founder and CEO of SCB Marketing, which publishes i4 Business and SpaceCoast Business magazines. Contact him at (321) 537-4941 or jeff@scbmarketing.com.

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