Empowering the Next Generation

I believe strongly in individual empowerment and think it is a precursor to success.

Leveraging Our Influence and Experience for Others 

I believe strongly in individual empowerment and think it is a precursor to success. Experience shows that success comes from a desire to achieve and then from the application of knowledge and experience to one’s vision for their future. Without empowering opportunities, along with personal effort, we remain dependent on others.

Once a person finds empowerment, the process of self-discovery begins, triggering questions like: Who am I? What am I good at? What captures my imagination and excites me? How can I apply my skills to achieve success?

So, how do we ensure our next generation is empowered to succeed?

If you believe, as I do, that the social and economic success of our nation depends on continuing to have self-reliant and empowered individuals ready and willing to address the challenges and opportunities our country offers them, then you know we all have a part to play.

Think About It

What did it take to jumpstart your career? Who helped you become a successful business owner or professional? I’d venture to guess that each of us can point to an individual or two who instilled in us a desire for achievement or shared some wisdom that has had a lasting impact on our careers.  I can point to several people in my life who took the time to point me in the right direction.

Education alone is not the answer to preparing our youth for success. They need role models and mentors to help guide them. Shouldn’t we, as successful professionals and business owners, offer them a jumpstart?

As a first line supervisor at the beginning of my career, and ultimately as the CEO of our company, I found great satisfaction in helping our employees succeed and grow to their potential. The success of our business depended on it and the success of your business does too.  A company or business can only grow at the pace of its workforce. The success rests in their hands.

I found that helping others succeed not only resulted in improved performance of our business but also brought a great deal of personal fulfillment to me. It is a false premise to believe that the leader of the business is the primary factor for its success. He or she may provide the vision for the business, but it is the team they lead that delivers the results.

Being the Solution

Today, since my retirement from our family business, my aim continues to be focused on helping others grow and succeed – through new business ventures, service to organizations like Junior Achievement, and more. I am pleased to know that my experience, advice and counsel have a positive and motivating impact on others.

America continues to offer more opportunities for personal success and achievement than any other nation in the world. Given all this opportunity, I find it hard to accept that we are rapidly moving toward a culture of dependency rather than a society of personal responsibility, individual achievement and financial independence. As business leaders, we must do more to encourage and empower the next generation. Have you considered what you can do?

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