In Pursuit of ‘Remarkable’

As a serial entrepreneur, investor and former educator, I am excited about the future of our country.

Finding Ideas Whose Time Has Come

As a serial entrepreneur, investor and former educator, I am excited about the future of our country. The ideas behind cancer cures, artificial body parts, incredible electronic and computer advancements, the discovery of natural gas and petroleum supplies within our nation’s borders, and much more are incredibly encouraging. I’m bullish on America!

The goal of i4 Business is to examine all aspects of the entrepreneurial experience and to highlight local and national success stories of talented individuals on his or her way to the top.

However, the one thing we don’t often read about, the thing that all of the above revolves around, the core of all business endeavors is “the remarkable idea.”

Victor Hugo once said, “No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come.” All new business starts with an idea, but not all ideas are equal. Most ideas come and go without being acted upon, and a lesser number than “most” attempt to mount the stage but falter; even fewer still come to fruition. A fraction of those ideas are actually incorporated into capitalized business plans. Of the number of new ideas and innovations that are incorporated into funded business endeavors, some 90-plus percent are not able to keep its doors open longer than three years.

The reasons for failure are many — lack of cash flow understanding, and misestimating of market demand are the obvious standouts. Suffice it to say, most ideas are not innovative enough. Most are not able to sustain a long run once they encounter the violent world of competition or government regulations. Most new endeavors, built upon retread ideas, are able to provide some, usually small, levels of economic prosperity; however, they do not provide an appreciable advance in quality of life or standard of living.

Global Impact of Innovation

From earliest times, the perpetuation of mankind was primal. I posit that mankind’s most “remarkable” invention was the advent of language, spoken then written. Man has had an incredible history of “remarkable” innovations: the ability to create, manage and utilize fire; the invention of the wheel; the discovery and utilization of transportation to include boats, highways, trains, automobiles and airplanes; the advent and creation of fertilizers, which enabled us to escape the Malthusian Population Theory’s prophesy of doom; and other examples like the transistor and then the silicon chip, which have led to a host of inventions.

Something truly remarkable evolves on a global scale. It is not localized. It is an invention or discovery that changes and improves the lives of most, if not all of us, at different social and economic levels.

The innovations that humans have been creating for thousands of years have met a need, solved a problem, or simply made our daily lives more enjoyable. We have transitioned from small, isolated communities, to complex interconnected worldwide economies.

Every era is characterized by its great innovations and discoveries. However, where innovations and the remarkable idea had previously been a luxury, our generation expects it. Modern man demands new and innovative products, newer and better versions, or improvements to existing designs. The same innovations that were once simply marvelous are now a societal foundation.

Here and Now

Society suffers from an inoculation of amazing. Yet, many needs still go unmet and need is the mother of invention.

We have travelled to the moon, but we still use fossil fuels. We have discovered how to clone complex creatures, but cancer remains a top 10 killer. Food is mass-produced and genetically engineered, yet starvation is still rampant throughout the majority of the world. So, what’s next? Organ regeneration? Artificial intelligence? The elimination of poverty? Elimination of war? Moon colonies? Undersea cities? Algae as a fuel source? Who knows?

Central Florida, especially the I-4 corridor, is ripe with the possibilities for remarkable ideas and innovations. As a society built on economic sand – where secondary markets can see trillions of dollars vanish overnight – our future is dependent on advancements of remarkable ideas.

BizLife and i4 Business magazine believe that, with your input, together we can write history and set a new standard for how our generation will be judged. Future editions of this column will pursue and report on remarkable Central Florida ideas, innovations and companies that advance our quality of life – and bring them to you! From space technologies to imagineering, from medical “cities” to award winning laser applications, our I-4 corridor will continue to conceive and develop “the remarkable.”

But to do this, we will need your help. If you know of a remarkable idea or innovation, please write to us. Let’s be a part of the greatest testament to man’s ingenuity; let’s hear about your ideas.

Tom-BlandTom Bland is CEO of BizLife LLC, a serial entrepreneur, and former educator. He can be reached at Tom@bizlife.com

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