Influence, Not Imposition

By: Jeff Piersall

Leadership is influence; dictatorship is imposition – yet both require influence. So the question must be asked: “influence of what?”

The best definition of the thousands I have read over the years came in a book written by Richard Barrett: “Leadership is courageously pursuing a vision in such a way that it resonates with the souls of people.”

Influence is all about liberating the truth in someone – Michelangelo once said that he didn’t carve a marble block into a statue, rather he liberated the figure that was already there imprisoned in the stone. By Barrett’s definition, leaders are able to inspire the greatest of the individual by bringing out what is already in them.

The leader will provide an environment where employees are given the opportunity to do what they love and do what they are great at doing. Dan Sullivan calls it an individual’s unique ability.

If you can get your players on the team to spend 80{bfd614f294d07c51b84c8dad33a56885001f0ed7300088ac66752d3246377d5a} of their time in their unique ability you will have a high performance team that achieves extreme success. What a person is passionate about, what lies in their soul, determines their unique ability.

There are three fundamentals that can help you become a person of influence, not imposition.

LISTENING –It’s the ability to hear what someone is saying without your personal ego putting a slant on it. People who point out what you are doing wrong care about you, so listen, process and improve.

SERVICE – It is not about you but it will always be up to you. Leadership is all about servicing someone else’s needs, not your needs.

FOLLOW THROUGH – The fortune is in the follow-through. It must be constant and efficient.

Influence that resonates with the souls of people. Heed this warning: “good structure is worthless without the right people.”

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