Learn to Set the RIGHT Goal

…and Watch Your Business Transform

by Rick McCotter, Sept. 2012

In thinking back over the last 28 years of my professional life, I counted over 20 different businesses that I’ve been involved in, either as an employee, consultant, or owner. I was shocked that I had been exposed to so many different industries and styles of operation. It became clear to me that goal setting was not always a part of every business I was involved in and the success of that particular business proved it. Today, I realize how important goals are to success – not just any goals, but the Right Goals.

Let me share a story that will help you realize the importance of the Right Goal. By the end of this you should have a clear understanding of what the Right Goals are and the transformations they will provide for your business.

Let’s begin with my personal story. As a young boy, age 11, I set a goal to earn money by selling grocery bags full of oranges, grapefruit, and tangerines that grew on my parents’ property. I picked and bagged the fruit, pulled it in my little red wagon to the neighborhood a quarter mile away, then knocked on door after door. Guess what happened? A confident salesperson was born. I quickly discovered that I could sell this fruit and get paid! I came home that day with a whopping $6. Success!

A few weeks later, an idea came to me to start washing the fruit in a bucket of water with a touch of mom’s dish soap and a soft scrub brush. It made them clean and shiny. Back to the neighborhood, same quantity, same customers, but now I was able to increase the price from $1 to $2 per bag, just for washing them. By making this slight change in my approach, I doubled my sales without doubling my customers and came home with $12. I thought I was a genius. Heck yes, I was!

So, why is this story important to goal setting? Here’s what really happened to that young boy. I had no conscious concept of goal setting, much less how to set the Right Goal. I’m quite sure I had never heard the word “transformation” either. There was no past experience to draw from to be successful at this endeavor, yet it happened. Why? It happened because I wanted money (desire) and I had a reason for that money (purpose). I saw myself doing it (visualization); I believed I could do it (faith); and I wasn’t afraid to try (confidence). That is exactly why it happened.

Here are the key points to the story: the goal I set was the Right Goal because I was emotionally involved in the idea. There was a burning desire inside of me to make money for the purpose of buying something I wanted. I had Desire and Purpose. You can’t be emotionally involved in an idea without those two key elements. The transformation that took place was an 11-year-old boy experiencing personal growth and becoming a successful salesperson.

To avoid setting the wrong goal, follow this simple process to set the Right Goal for you and your business. Before beginning the process, if you have a management team or key employees, get them involved.

  1. Choose a goal that is much bigger than you or anything you have ever accomplished. Make it something that you would really like to achieve and know why you want it.
  2. Choose a goal that you have no idea how to achieve, nor do you have the resources to obtain it.
  3. Ask yourself why you want it. Remember, you must be emotionally involved with your goal (desire and purpose) to manifest it. There has never been a goal manifested in my life that I wasn’t emotionally involved in.

Those three steps will create the Right Goal for you and your business. Now, visualize it. Close your eyes and picture yourself actually having and achieving the goal. If you have a hard time picturing it, write the scenario down in the present tense in a journal. You can use the phrase: “I’m so happy and grateful now that I am (enter your goal here).” Believe that you will do it and have confidence in yourself and your ability. You must do this daily. Be persistent in working toward your goal with your team. The transformation that everyone will experience will literally take you, your people, and your business to a whole new level of success. If an 11-year-old boy can do it, you can too.



Rick McCotter is a corporate consultant. Contact Rick McCotter Consulting at rick@rickmccotterconsulting.com or call (321) 403-4119.

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