By: Eric Wright

Business isn’t just about selling a product or service; it’s about building relationships. There is glue that brings these relationships together and sustains them over the long haul, it is the foundation on which positive results are built. That is trust.

Trust is based on two qualities; integrity, the individual’s character, and ability, their competence. When a person’s character is centered on a known value system, we are confident in their dependability.  When a person is proficient, we are confident in their capability. When integrity and ability are absent, confidence gives way to hesitation.

Before entrepreneurs can trust others, they must first trust themselves.  We all fail at some point. The question is, do you trust yourself enough to start again? Learn from your mistakes and regroup.

When you trust yourself, you can learn to trust others. It is human nature to gravitate toward consistency. You trust your brakes because they continuously work when you need them; when they don’t work, you fix them immediately.  The same concept must be applied to trusting relationships.

It should also be noted that trust is transferable. When my wife needed lifesaving surgery, a good friend, Dr. David Weldon, referred us to Dr. Robert Purser. I had never met this doctor, but because of the trust I developed with Dr. Weldon over the years, I trusted his reference. It is trust that saved my wife hours, if not days, of costly delays.

One thing that builds trust in life and in business is honesty and humility. There are many things we can do, but there are more things that we cannot do. Be honest and humble about your capabilities. It may cost some business, but it won’t cost you what is most important – the trust others have in you.

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