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Stop Obsessing About Google Rankings and Create Amazing Content

I’ve been in the digital marketing space for more years than I care to admit now. I’ve grown gray hairs, seen fads come and go, seen major search engines come and go, and I’ve spoken to hundreds of eager business owners and marketing managers who are literally obsessed with one thing and one thing only – RANKINGS. They have to be number one on Google. They have to be number one on Bing. They even want to be number one on the Sina.com website (which is both Chinese and English). They’ve all been programmed to think that being number one in a search engine or directory will yield them all of the business in the universe and then some. This simply is not true.

Yes, being on the top in a major search engine under the right keyword that makes sense AND that is popular, can provide your website with some visibility. Yes, people do begin their quest online through Google and other popular search engines. But, here’s the truth. These search engines can change the way that they rank and prioritize websites whenever they want, and guess what? They do. A lot.

Since I’ve been in the business, one thing has remained constant regarding how Google and other search engines rank websites. It’s all about the “stuff” or content on the website. It’s all about your influence and not based solely on your website. It’s all about where you are placing the “stuff” you’re creating around the web and how it leads prospects back to your website. Simply put, Google wants you to create something amazing and share it with the world. With this being said, Google ranks websites accordingly.

If your website sits dormant while waiting for hungry prospects to pounce on your site and buy stuff from you, you’re going to be frustrated with the results. But, if your amazing marketing team starts creating amazing “stuff” and promoting that “stuff” across the Internet, not only will your hungry prospects notice and digest your goodness, but Google will as well. Google simply doesn’t want the entire web inundated with junk that’s solely created to artificially game the rankings; they want to index amazing “stuff” that will be worthwhile on the web.



Think outside of the box, but stay true to your brand’s personality. Consider creating a series about the lifecycle of your product, or a video that can be easily shared online that educates your prospects about a new process you may have created.


Create a calendar based on your sales cycle and generate topics that will be interesting to your prospects. For example, if you’re a pest control company, you know that termites start to swarm and build up in February. Create content bullet points about all things termites, and start getting that “stuff” out in January to build momentum. Once the termite season has subsided, move on to the next pest on the list.


Blogs are great, webpage copy is great, but your prospects want to see something visual, something creative, something different from time to time. While blog copy and webpage content help Google grab onto some copy to get your site ranked better, unique content like videos and infographics can be easily shared on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Find a great balance and create out-of-the-box, unique, and vibrant “stuff.”


I think the biggest mistake I see companies make is that they publish the content and forget it. You can’t simply drop your wittiest blog on your website and expect it to attract droves of people. Creating the content is only the tip of the iceberg; getting it seen is another story. Get to know where your prospects hang out, and be sure to create a content dissemination plan.


This step is critical. A wise friend once told me “Tom, you can’t expect what you don’t inspect.” How true is that? You can’t expect your content to kill it if you don’t measure how successful it was. How many people shared it? How much traffic did it generate back to your website? How many people liked it via social media or engaged with your business as a result? These factors, and more, are all signs of how your content is working for you. If you aren’t paying attention, you won’t be able to switch up your content game/strategy based on any real data.

Content truly makes the digital planet go round and that is exactly why your prospects are using a search engine to begin with. Create it with gusto and watch Google and your prospects do the rest. Thanks for reading.

Now go forth and create amazing content.



Tom Jelneck is the owner of On Target Digital Marketing Agency. For more content marketing tips to help grow your online presence, be sure to visit ontargetwebsolutions.com


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