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Partnership Makes Manufacturing Company Recruiter a Superhero

As the recruiter for American Builders Supply, Joe Misiti often finds himself looking for as many as five new employees at a time for any of the company’s 10 locations around the state and its corporate headquarters in Sanford. It’s a personal victory for him when he can meet someone, connect with that person and get the job candidate into an interview on the same day.

Picture of Joe Misiti, recruiter for American Builders SupplyHe typically has a conference call each Monday with general managers and hiring managers for the company’s facilities all over Florida, and they tell him which positions they are looking to fill. The company manufactures doors and trusses, supplying those and other materials to builders from its locations from Jacksonville to Fort Myers. The job needs can include production laborers, forklift operators, truck drivers, installers, service technicians, field managers, service coordinators and front-office workers.

One of the secret weapons in his arsenal is CareerSource Central Florida. He knows he can call his representative, Joanne Gott, and she will come through. He compares it to a “Hail Mary pass” in football.

“There are so many sources you can use to look for candidates — Indeed.com, all the colleges, all the high schools,” said Misiti, whose title is staffing coordinator. “I send out emails to everyone I know. With CareerSource, I get with Joanne and say, ‘Here’s what we have going on.’ Usually, she has our job descriptions because she’s been doing this with me for years. She’ll put ads for us on Employ Florida and then she’ll go through the candidates to find out who’s looking for a job. She’ll send me a resumé or two and speak with me. She’ll actually speak with them before she sends them through to us.”

Often, he’ll hear from Gott before he even reaches out with the company’s job needs. “She’ll call me and say, ‘Hey, Joe, I just spoke to this person five minutes ago and these are the good things about him. You should go for it.’ I pick up my phone right away and give that person a call and then send a text message if I don’t get an answer. You have to be very persistent.”

The partnership with CareerSource has helped the company manage its growth through the pandemic, which has turned the employment landscape into an employees’ market. Everyone is seeking workers, and job candidates are being especially discerning these days — some because their priorities have shifted and they are looking for higher pay or more satisfying work.

“When COVID hit, it seemed weird at first because you would think all these people losing their jobs would want these other jobs that were considered essential,” Misiti said. “But no one wanted to respond — or they would speak to you and then never get back with you. They basically weren’t interested.”

Having a partnership with CareerSource Central Florida has made all the difference. The nonprofit helps retrain people to take new jobs and then places them into positions where they can excel. It helps local employers try out new candidates and make sure they’re a good fit. It’s the perfect solution for a company like American Builders Supply that seems to be constantly looking to hire.

“There are many different positions that are open,” Misiti said. “I have to say this, not to brag, but about 90% of these positions are because people are getting promoted. There’s so much growth. It’s fantastic.

“I love it because I get to keep hiring people — or at least ‘leading the horses to water’ when I send them over to the hiring managers. Sometimes you feel like you almost wear a cape. You get to be a superhero because you’re helping the hiring managers and you’re also helping somebody take the next step into a job.”

Picture of Mimi Coenen, COO of CareerSource Central FloridaMessage from the COO

By Mimi Coenen

The manufacturing industry plays an important role in the economy and provides attractive and exciting opportunities for many different career paths. High-wage manufacturing jobs run the gamut across broad and diverse industries and have much to offer for those looking to begin or change their careers. Creating medical innovations, producing sensors for the safe operation of cars, and constructing woodwork for custom yachts are just a few of the many manufacturing advances that people contribute to every day.

To meet the needs of local companies to find skilled and trained workers, workforce boards such as CareerSource Central Florida (CSCF) partner with educational providers to place candidates in manufacturing training programs. Valencia College, Orange Technical College, Osceola Technical College, and Lake Technical College are among Central Florida’s regional institutions that offer hands-on training programs that enable participants to advance their skills and enter new career fields to earn industry-recognized credentials.

When unemployment peaked in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Central Florida residents found themselves out of work and explored ways to pivot their careers into new industries that were hiring. Through CSCF’s partnerships with local businesses, colleges and universities, more than 170 people took the opportunity to invest in their futures and complete manufacturing-related training programs across the region last year. The average wage of those placed in employment in the manufacturing industry is $17 per hour and growing.

Manufacturing careers also provide a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment — the idea that you can draw, build or produce something that comes to fruition can be very rewarding. Competitive wages and potential for advancement are also among the many reasons why people should consider careers in the growing manufacturing sector.

We invite businesses and career seekers to learn more about our complimentary resources and services at www.CareerSourceCentralFlorida.com.

Mimi Coenen is the chief operating officer of CareerSource Central Florida.



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