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Nurturing talent seems to come naturally for some people and organizations, while others are more purposeful and strategic about how they build their talent stream. The current hiring climate is competitive, especially for healthcare, where roles like experienced RN’s are challenging to fill. The outlook is concerning to healthcare leaders.

Additionally, there have been generational shifts in the way we approach our work that has put a focus on hiring practices, engagement and career development. While exit interviews used to indicate that most employees left organizations because of their bosses, reports now indicate that the prime reason people leave organizations is because they don’t see career and promotion opportunities clearly within their first year of work. With millennials, this connection can fail from day one.

Orlando Health’s strategy is to become a best place to work. One of the ways we are accomplishing this is by working with our team members to create a vision for their career development, especially for those who aspire to become leaders. Here are three ways that we have focused on nurturing our talent stream.

Programs That Make an Impact
I have found that initiatives will come and go, so it’s important to have solid programs that serve as the core of your organizational development and talent management strategy. Our Talent Management team started with building base leadership development classes that are directly correlated to our organizational competencies and service standards.

Part of this base development is our Emerging Leader and Advanced Leader programs where team members with high leadership potential become a part of a six-month cohort to develop
their leadership skills, learning from mentors and subject matter experts. Coaching is another integral component of our talent management strategy. When your programs are strong, it’s easier to add strategic initiatives and special projects that can accentuate your
core, and it becomes easier to flex and adapt.

Partnerships With a Purpose
Internal and external partnerships have been essential to the success of our talent management strategy. Often in organizations, the HR team responsible for talent development can be small, so it’s important to be strong and deliberate with the help of partners in the organization. We have a philosophy that each team member is a recruiter, and each person can lead, which creates a competitive advantage.

Another example is the effectiveness of our HR and Marketing teams partnering on talent acquisition. This has contributed greatly in supporting our talent and brand strength, particularly with the impact of social media and the way recruiting has shifted in the past few years. For Orlando Health as a healthcare provider, partnerships with nursing and physician leadership have been instrumental to support and understand their talent challenges. External partnerships with universities, workforce development councils, research and consultant organizations, vendors and professional associations have also been important in expanding the view of talent availability and the elements of forecasting. For our team members, we provide opportunities to help them understand how they can form mentoring and career development relationships. It’s encouraging when they can find other successful partners to collaborate with and help connect the dots for their career development and engage in our organization.

A Presence at the Table
Millennials make up 42 percent of our current workforce at Orlando Health. Through interviews, town halls, events and reviews we hear clearly that they want development. They want to be present at the table and they seek presence from the leaders. It’s a refreshing cultural development because isn’t that what most of us want from the time we spend at work? At Orlando Health, we have woven leadership presence into our talent management strategy in several ways.

Through informal and creative methods, the Talent Management team has focused on opportunities for executives and managers to connect with team members. We created leadership speed mentoring where team members have the opportunity to sit with senior leaders for 10 minute intervals. They ask questions and get advice. We also offer leadership panels and book clubs, where team members can connect and hear success stories about leadership.

Many of our strategies support the idea of presence. Some may be core to healthcare such as rounding, while others build system support through performance reviews and stay interviews to continuously connect and engage with our teams.

As Orlando Health continues to grow and provide care for the community, we are focused on nurturing and developing the talented individuals in the Central Florida region. It truly is an investment in our future.

Wendy Radeka, ACC, MHR, PHR, is the Corporate Director, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management & Talent Systems for Orlando Health.

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