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Hurricane Irma | Counting Our Blessings

Clean water, cool air, lighting on demand and access to the Internet or television are all things we take for granted, until suddenly none of them are available. It is experiences like Hurricane Irma that remind us just how fortunate we all are and the prosperity we enjoy.

The owners and staff at SpaceCoast Business magazine want to express our thanks to the thousands of emergency and police personnel who responded to needs, directed traffic where lights were out and kept watch while all of us were feeling such a sense of anxiety.

Also, to the wave of workers, from within Florida and as far away as California, who responded to the call, left family and friends, and came to our communities to work around the clock to restore power, water and help remove debris from our homes and businesses, we say thanks. We will never pass one of your trucks again without remembering what you mean to our lives and livelihoods.

But most of all, we are reminded how the Golden Rule comes into play. To, “Love our neighbor as ourselves,” which meant volunteering at a shelter, sharing our supply of bottled water, taking in someone who had to evacuate, not losing our tempers as we waited in line or maybe running an extension cord to a neighbor without power. This we saw over and over again.

For our very sacrificial and resilient community, we are reminded of how blessed we are.

Jeff Piersall


And the owners and staff of SCB Marketing

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