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Polk County Healthcare Leader Emerges as First to Implement Higher Minimum Wage

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March 31, 2021 – While politicians in Washington are debating about the possibility of a minimum wage increase, Reliance Medical Centers is committed to implementing a new policy that guarantees at least $16 per hour for all hourly workers at their Lakeland and Winter Haven medical locations by the end of 2021.

Founded in 2017, Reliance Medical Centers opened their two locations in Lakeland and Winter Haven as a way to provide unparalleled primary healthcare to seniors age 65 or older. With a focus on a team concierge approach and complimentary services like fitness, salon and shuttles, Reliance has a track record for putting people first. The announcement of a higher minimum wage is just the latest example in focusing on quality of life for both their patients and their employees.

“We strongly believe that all people deserve a real living wage and a path towards affording a better lifestyle,” said Roberto Martinez, Co-CEO of Reliance Medical Centers. “We are thankful that 2020 is behind us, but at the same time grateful for how well we did as an organization and we want to share that success with our valued team members.”

The past year was very challenging for everyone but seeing that healthcare was at the center of the pandemic, the response from Reliance was to reaffirm its commitment to their senior patients who were hit the hardest by the effects of COVID-19. “We met the challenges of this virus head-on and we adapted rapidly while continuing down the path to support our mission, which is to improve every life we touch,” said Dr. Carlos Romero, Co-CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Reliance Medical Centers. “This meant ongoing protocols to keep our patients healthy, safe and informed.”

After facing such a challenging time, the $16 per hour minimum wage is the kind of good news that the management team at Reliance is excited to share and they are committed to the rollout of this new plan by the end of 2021. “We continually improve robust benefits, retirement security, and opportunities for advancement because Reliance is a company where our teams do not just do their jobs, they build careers,” said Martinez. “When the lives of our employees are improved, they in turn improve the lives of the customers they serve.”

About Reliance Medical Centers

Headquartered in Lakeland, Florida since 2017, Reliance Medical Centers is Polk County’s best and most trusted primary care provider for seniors. Committed to vastly improving the medical experience of its members, Reliance is focused on preventative healthcare and providing personalized attention around the unique needs of each individual. Reliance Medical Centers redefines healthcare by connecting each member with a Personal Medical Concierge and Care Focus Team headed by a Primary Care Physician and is proud to offer additional services including a Brain Health Program in partnership with the University of South Florida, onsite pharmacy, complimentary shuttles and membership to the Reliance Wellness Club; a club which provides free access to activities and services that are designed to promote a happier, healthier, more independent lifestyle. Through its innovative approach to healthcare, Reliance provides a caring, comprehensive solution for seniors looking to improve medical outcomes and overall quality of life.



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