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Technology Leader Shows Promising Results in Addressing Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Problems

The NextGen of Economic Development Tools Crowdsources Global Startup Expertise

Startup Space

Startup Space, a platform for supporting entrepreneurs and resources in emerging tech ecosystems, connects, monitors and measures local startup activity while tapping into a global network of mentors and coaches.

The Challenges of Today’s Ecosystem Builders

The tools currently utilized by economic development organizations and ecosystem builders for managing and measuring effectiveness are outdated and clunky. They do not incorporate modern capabilities like mobile technology or measure impact and outcomes. Instead, these tools focus on volume and the quantity of activities.

For too long, community organizers have upheld the status quo and clung to outdated ways of doing business. Examples include how programs are currently run, especially diversity and inclusion programs, as well as push back from innovation without evolving in a way that truly engages and assists new entrants within the startup arena. Rustbelt cities, underserved communities, minorities and marginalized people have been faced with the hardest impacts regarding this resistance.

Startup Space Addresses the Challenges by Focusing on Innovation and Efficiency

Startup Space addresses this major pain-point for entrepreneurial ecosystems by focusing on two critical ingredients — innovation and efficiency — both of which formulated the foundation of their earliest designs and now guides their vision for ecosystem solutions of the future.

Startup Space prioritizes innovation focused on how resource providers and consumers connect with one another. They also emphasize the user experience, utilizing cutting-edge technologies developed by industry leaders like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit.

The efficiency of the platform has been designed around outcomes and how ecosystems measure impact. Startup Space addresses questions regarding the effectiveness of events, entrepreneur engagement, the impact of mentors, the usefulness of educational programs and the utilization of physical community space.

The Startup Space Solution to Connectivity and Measurement

For ecosystem-building partners, Startup Space co-brands their tools to present communities with a joint offering. These tools include:

  • Secure, private communities within the Startup Space platform
  • Content library where all proprietary content is securely loaded and accessed
  • Curated resource directory that highlights outstanding businesses and service providers within a given community
  • Coworking space management
  • Live town halls that help synchronize the experience of virtual and physical meetups
  • Dashboards and other data analysis tools for quantitative measurement of effectiveness
  • Customized surveys representing qualitative data on a given ecosystem
  • Mobile app and an adaptive website

Starting a business is hard and lonely, but with the right support and aid from an innovative community solution, the process can become a little easier. For ecosystem builders who are interested in revolutionizing the way their community connects, call Startup Space at +1(813) 508-2707 or visit www.startupspace.us.

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