True Virtual World Training Closer to Becoming a Reality

Engineering and Computer Simulations (ECS) has integrated technologies from two major U.S. tech firms to create a total virtual world game for training – one in which the player is fully integrated into the game action.

The Orlando-based simulation company, ECS, has integrated Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect 2 hardware into the Oculus Rift headset to produce a virtual world that is directed by the player’s body movements. Lift an arm and you can land a helicopter on an oil rig. Take a step and you might rescue a buddy from peril in an active battle. The game completely eliminates the player console device and all activity is directed by the player’s body.

The Oculus Rift stereoscopic, head-mounted display provides a wide-angle, three-dimensional perspective of the game environment, while Kinect capability registers body movements and initiates game action.

This integration elevates virtual reality worlds to their next level of sophistication and brings them closer to full virtual world integration.

Howard Mall, ECS vice president of engineering said: “We’ve talked for years about completely eliminating the line between player and game. This is an exciting and significant step toward achieving that, and although we’ve not completely eliminated the line yet, we’ve blurred it quite a lot.”

ECS previewed a demonstration model of the technology at the 2015 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas, this week.

Guillermo Gonzales, Technology Coordinator for the Technical University of Tabasco, said: “It feels so realistic! After only a few minutes, I felt like I was really there on that oil rig and facing a serious situation when the fire started. My heart was racing, and I was determined to get myself out of there. I was overtaken by the vividness and forgot it wasn’t really happening.”

ECS specializes in designing serious games and technology solutions for businesses. Simulation has long been used in the military to train soldiers, but is growing rapidly in other industries,

such as energy and healthcare where it is used to train employees on safety and quality performance.

ECS hopes to secure an energy partner to move forward on executing the demonstration model into a fully-designed, serious game training tool.

Originally published by Engineering and Computer Simulations (ECS)

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