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Ismael El Korchi – REALTOR at Kindred Homes | Kent Winkelseth -VP and Production Manager at Shelter Mortgage

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It is empowering to know you are great at what you do. Ismael El Korchi has found that the most rewarding part of what he does is the process: learning, listening and growing.

“I feel that continuously becoming better at what I do is helping me tremendously,” he said. That “becoming” includes the partnerships he cultivates. As El Korchi has transitioned through his own career over the course of 12 years, leading to his current role as a REALTOR® with Kindred Homes in Kissimmee, Shelter Mortgage has proven to be a steady partner.

“Shelter Mortgage is the preferred lender with a lot of homebuilders due to the variety of loan programs and the customer service they bring to the table,” El Korchi said. “Experience is not the only recipe for success. The positive vibe, the constant communication and the human touch that the Shelter team brings to the table, that is what makes even a loan process enjoyable.”

And the Orlando Shelter team is just as sure of the match. “Ismael is a hard worker, passionate about helping families become homeowners, and is always willing to help in any way he can,” said Kent Winkelseth, vice president and production manager for Shelter Mortgage in Orlando. “His enthusiasm is contagious, and he is a blessing to be able to work alongside. I am continually reminded in working with Ismael that if there is a will, there is a way.”

Working together to guide buyers through every aspect of their journey, the team led by El Korchi and Winkelseth stays moored to its mission: finding clients not just a house, but a home.

El Korchi said that guiding light will remain constant, even in an ever-changing market and through his own personal and professional growth, because the end result is so satisfying. “It’s really the helping aspect of our work, to see that we are making a positive impact in someone’s life and helping people reach the American dream.”

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