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Shelter Mortgage | Maria Tchu & Kent Winkelseth

Maria Tchu
Vogel Realty Services Inc.

Kent Winkelseth
Vice President Orlando Branch
Shelter Mortgage


A Warm Welcome Home

REALTOR® Maria Tchu learned early on that at the heart of each buyer’s journey, there exists something more than just a big purchase.

“I learned that I do not sell homes,” she said. “My duty is to represent and understand my customers to the best of my ability so I can find them their dream home and make them comfortable throughout the process.”

After 15 years of working in accounting, Tchu found herself looking for a new way to use her business savvy, one she knew would make a positive impact on her clients and allow her the versatility she craved.

“A typical day in this business is unpredictable,” she laughed. Whether following up with lenders, pending buyers and recent closings, or developing strategies for marketing, “I never know, to be honest, where I am going to be. And that is one thing I love about this business. There is never a dull moment.”

She works to match each client with homes for the future and looks to industry partners whose values align with hers, like Shelter Mortgage.

She says of her relationship with Shelter’s Orlando branch: “Kent Winkelseth and his team make this process so much easier. I love the way they work with our potential buyers. Their warm approach makes customers feel less intimidated when they’re about to make the biggest purchase of their lives. Shelter advises people with their best interests at heart because, to them, they are not just another file. They are families trying to purchase their homes.”

Tchu’s warmth and inspiration come from her own family, who keep her in touch with the most important part of her job. “This is a business where you have to be up and running, and it can stress you out,” she said. “My family is there when I need them at any time. If it weren’t for my husband’s support and for my daughter, who is my biggest cheerleader, everything would be more challenging.”

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