Allyson Meyers

WOFL-TV Fox 35, WRBW-MY 65 Orlando & WOGX-TV Fox 51 Gainesville

Sometimes words have the power to truly shape and inspire the steps that we take. For Allyson Meyers, the sage advice of a long-time mentor, “We aren’t running a marathon, just a lot of short sprints” — has provided motivation to achieve and to persist through life’s bumps and hurdles, including a recession.

Meyers conceded that she always had a sense of what she wanted to do, which was to work in some aspect of the entertainment industry.  Starting her career on the ad agency side, she landed a local position at Madison Square Garden, the only woman among ten other local advertising sales account executives and within two years, became a top ranking biller.  After that experience, she knew her long-term goal was, “To work at a local television station.”

Meyers continued her climb until, like countless other executives, the “Great Recession” hit and she found herself out of a job. Undeterred, but more determined than ever, she recalled, “I was out of work for 56 days, and had an opportunity to decide what was next.  I made a priority list, stuck to it and didn’t sacrifice my value.  I ended up joining the most competitive and successful broadcast O&O (owned and operated)  television group within Fox, where I was initially hired as their vice president and general sales manager in Philadelphia.”

That unrelenting spirit would later open up the door for professional opportunities that fit her perfectly.  Today, she is the vice president and general manager of three stations including WOFL-TV Fox 35, WRBW-TV My 65 and WOGX-TV Fox 51, overseeing all of the business operations with fiduciary, employee and community relations responsibilities.

With a time, comes change and nothing has seen more change in the past 10 years than the media industry. “The way we gather, broadcast, promote and in general operate as a local television station has completely changed. Just a few years ago, social media wasn’t nearly as prevalent as it is today and apps were in their infancy. That being said, it will be exciting to see what unfolds in the next five to seven years,” Meyers commented.

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