Business Profile: Hugo Azzolini

Different Perspective

Year Founded: 2004

LOCATION: Orlando, FL 


Founded by Brazilian native Hugo Azzolini, Different Perspective is a multi-faceted agency specializing in advertising, web presence and corporate image development.

With his team, Azzolini helps those struggling to acquire new clients, as well as business owners concerned with their company’s exposure. “It is very motivating to see a competent professional finally thriving because we developed their image to broadcast the right message,” said Azzolini. Sometimes the solution is an online strategy; sometimes the agency develops tools that help them communicate better with their employees.

Azzolini’s interest in advertising began at a young age, when watching foreign commercials back in Brazil and still understanding the message by other non-verbal factors. The concept that came to him was that a campaign must make sense both visually and emotionally. It’s about keeping the audience captive. Since then, that is exactly what he has been doing.

When hiring, he looks for the same kind of passion that he has. “I can train my staff, I can buy hardware, but I cannot place passion where it doesn’t exist,” Azzolini told an internship candidate. “My business is a lifestyle business, but our goal will always be about converting passion into results,” he said. Then added, “Successful results come from two things: passionate people and a Different Perspective.”

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