Business Profile: Kathleen Hawkins

Executive:Kathleen Hawkins, founder and president

Year Founded: 2007



In 2007, a group of women met at a restaurant with the primary goal of sharing and assisting one another in achieving personal and professional success and reaching their goals without losing their core priorities of faith, family, and then, career. Most knew each other from business or other networking organizations. Kathleen Hawkins, who previously taught marketing and business at several Florida universities, and was an accomplished writer and entrepreneur, was one of them. She had recently adopted three young children, so she knew how demanding life was for a successful working mother.

Hawkins immediately got on the phone and started the process for launching a women’s empowerment organization. With the help of a friend, she secured a restaurant and within 24 hours planned the first meeting for WOAMTEC – Women On A Mission To Earn Commission. The organization’s quirky acronym was actually developed when the restaurant manager called to confirm the details and asked the name of the group. “Women on a Mission,” easily rolled off Hawkins’ tongue, and the “To Earn Commission” part simply rhymed. Most assume “commissions” are the revenue-generating type; but actually they are the greater commissions in life, which are a part of her faith.

Today, WOAMTEC’s goals – “To empower women, build businesses, and strengthen communities one city at a time” – haven’t changed, though the scope of their reach has expanded greatly. They have nearly 70 chapters nationally, serving several thousand women with plans to open nine more chapters in the next 90 days.

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