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Chase Gregory: Brand Ambassador

Senior Partner, NSG Consulting

A sponsored wakeboarder since age 12, Chase Gregory might not be who you expect to find at the helm of a marketing consulting firm. But the two worlds have more in common than you might think.

“That pro athlete experience gave me the opportunity to learn and understand the importance of branding, company image and marketing, which are all supposed to lead to sales,” Gregory said. “If a company I worked with valued me, it wasn’t because I ended up on the podium, but because I was respected by others for my efforts to help grow the company from an ambassador and sales standpoint. If a sponsored athlete doesn’t help sell the product in some way, then why keep that person on board?”

When his mother, Nanette Gregory, was looking to grow her marketing consulting business, Chase Gregory had a feeling his experience as a brand ambassador and sales agent might make him an unexpectedly perfect fit. Today he spends his days creating and publishing content, collaborating with the team, and organizing everything from projects and events to videos and website launches. It turns out his feeling was right.

“My favorite aspect of working at NSG is collaborating on content within our organization,” he said. “I work hard to do more than the job entails, and that extra effort means a lot to clients. Genuinely caring about their business is what keeps us in business.”

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