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Curley & Pynn: The Strategic Firm

Curly & Pynn's leadership team Kacie Escobar, Dan Ward, Connie Mercado and Heather Keroes 

Leadership team Kacie Escobar, MBA, APR; Dan Ward, APR, CPRC; Connie Mercado; and Heather Keroes, APR 

Dan Ward joined Curley & Pynn Public Relations Management early in his career for an opportunity to think creatively and put his writing skills to work in a business setting. Twenty-seven years later, as the public relations firm’s president, he says he still draws inspiration from the original founders.

“I’ve stayed here and decided to make this my ‘forever work home’ because of the strategic approach to public relations that Joe Curley and Roger Pynn made the centerpiece of everything we do,” he said. “Our Five Steps to Professional Success are a great guide not only for public relations management, but also nearly any business application.” 

He enjoys the variety of the work, which brings new challenges every day. “The typical day in a public relations agency is anything but typical,” Ward said. “At any given moment, we could be counseling a client through a crisis, pitching a national media story, drafting a highly technical article or planning a major event. No matter what we’re doing, the goal is always the same: to be essential partners.” 

 He is also inspired by the three women who make up the rest of the firm’s leadership team. “I spend every day learning something new from them and trying to meet their lofty expectations.” 

Like Ward, Vice President Kacie Escobar enjoys the fact that there is no “typical” day. “Agency life is fast-paced and dynamic,” she said. “One of my favorite parts of this job is conducting and analyzing research and using it to inform creative approaches to our work. As a naturally curious person, I love opportunities to learn more about the variety of organizations and industries we serve and help uncover valuable insights our clients may not otherwise have known. It’s like finding hidden treasure.” 

A third member of the management team, Connie Mercado, holds the title of firm administrator. Although she handles operational parts of the business, from finance to account services to IT, she agrees with her peers that no two days are the same, which is part of the allure 

 “A typical day for me is not so typical,” she said. “My favorite part of what my job entails is event planning. I have a knack for it, and the result of my hard work makes it worthwhile. Seeing everyone’s joy as they experience a fun holiday party, for instance, makes my heart happy.”

The firm’s vice president of client services, Heather Keroes, ventured into public relations after starting out in college as a TV and radio journalist. She worked in communications for several large organizations before interviewing at Curley & Pynn, which she’d had her eye on for some time.  

“Known as ‘The Strategic Firm,’ Curley & Pynn always held a well-earned reputation as a place that builds strong thinkers and leaders who do incredible and meaningful work for organizations,” she said. It wasn’t until I joined the team that I truly cut my teeth as a strategic communications professional and found my home, so to speak. It has truly been a ‘next level’ experience!” 

Her favorite part of the job? “That feeling each day that I have helped our clients accomplish great things and working with a great and talented team that makes those achievements possible.” 

Founded in 1984, Curley & Pynn provides counsel, advice and total program management to Florida professionals and corporate clients who recognize that in today’s business environment it is essential to communicate with all who have an interest in their success. For more information, visit www.thestrategicfirm.com.    


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