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E2M: Developing Custom Solutions for Simulation Markets

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, E2M Technologies specializes in diverse motion and control loading simulation systems. The mechatronics product design and manufacturing company continually sets pioneering standards regarding cueing, ease, flexibility, maintenance, motion diagnostics, ownership costs, quality, reliability, responsiveness and support. “Unlike competitors, these systems are E2M’s primary focus,” said Robert Findlay, general manager of North America at E2M. “Underpinned with decades of industry expertise, E2M treats customer requirements as custom solutions, not off-the-shelf turn-key resolutions.”

Impact Within Central Florida

As a fast-growing international company, E2M doubles in size annually, offering an ideal working environment for creative, ambitious, technology-driven hardware and software engineers.

Recently, E2M opened its U.S. headquarters in Orlando, Florida to support and sustain the MS&T community. Its focus is building local sales, manufacturing and support capabilities; and the U.S. office expects to hire 8 to 10 new employees within the next year.

“Here in the epicenter of the MS&T community and surrounded by government, industry and academia, E2M expects to become a growth partner and contribute to the economic impact within Central Florida,” said Findlay.

A Focus On Hardware And Software

E2M boasts the highest reliability ratings, maximizing patented workspace management technology, and helping ease customer maintenance with embedded system diagnostics in all hardware and software. E2M focuses its expertise on the hardware design of custom electric actuators and platforms, system design conforming to global standards, and advanced software development including class-leading motion cueing and host interfacing. As an industry leader, E2M features advanced, durable, long-lasting mechanical, electric and software technologies and solutions ranging in payload from 500kg to 20,000kg, working seamlessly for optimized system performance.

“Real-time software is common between all E2M motion and control loading systems, from the smallest to the largest,” said Findlay. “It reduces the work customers must perform to integrate the systems. The E2M software is proven and stable, even for newly designed customized systems, and it influences and changes industry perspectives, resulting in increased trust for incorporating motion into training systems.”

Emerging Simulation Markets

E2M motion systems support commercial and military flight simulators for helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts, as well as high quality entertainment systems and small driving vehicle simulators. E2M has several highly significant, multi-million- dollar projects ongoing within its flight, entertainment and ground vehicle simulation segments.

Flight Simulation

Flight simulation markets demand the highest quality motion and control loading technologies to safely train pilots. Throughout training exercises, simulators must have the ability to immerse the pilot in highly realistic scenarios, ensuring the maximum level of training is achieved. In a commercial training center, realism is also important, and reliability must ensure minimal downtime of the flight simulator, which will result in lower ownership costs.

“As a technology-leading supplier, E2M offers a broad flight simulation portfolio consisting of standard and customized solutions,” said Findlay.

Entertainment Simulation

The entertainment industry expectations for flawlessly working attractions demand exceptional levels of consumer safety and reliability. E2M is a proven and reliable source, having served this market for over 15 years and meeting or exceeding their rigorous 18 operational hours per standards.

“E2M’s systems are designed specifically for the entertainment industry and feature unique, patented smart redundancy to ensure the safety of passengers and equipment,” said Findlay. “These systems can be certified to regional or customer-specific safety standards.”

Ground Vehicle Simulation

For high-dynamic automotive and test applications, E2M offers a comprehensive portfolio of systems for truck, train and military vehicle simulation. Using its patented octopod technology, E2M improves automotive component testing and human perception testing applications.

“The U.S. Army’s Common Driver Trainer (CDT) program opened the door for E2M within the defense sector,” said Findlay. “E2M provides 14 motion systems for the latest generation trainer, fielded by Leidos, and predicts success will continue with the program’s next generation.”

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