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(April 2020) – Doug Starcher describes his journey to become a corporate lawyer as a long string of providential circumstances and learning curves. “Ultimately, I was much less intentional about the start of my career than I am now,” Starcher recalls.

Today Starcher prides himself on his intention and commitment to every client. “What excites me now is the satisfaction of guiding a business owner through an intense, complicated transaction in a way that provides comfort and protection.”

While his time in law school gave him a good place to start, it’s real-world experience he credits for his signature approach. “Law school teaches you how to do factual and legal analysis, but not how to solve real-world problems,” Starcher says. “Clients don’t want an academic research paper; they want their problem solved in a practical way. Some lawyers never make that transition, but the good ones do.”

One other thing keeps his priorities in check: meaningful relationships. “The only way to represent entrepreneurial companies effectively is to truly care about the entrepreneur. Caring and performing well builds trust, and trust builds friendships. It is nice to do a good job; it is more rewarding to do a good job for a friend.”

Those friendships have included his fellow partners from Broad and Cassel, who are now with Nelson Mullins since the firms merged in 2018. “My new Nelson Mullins partners continue to bless me by being among the best at what they do, while being caring, quality people,” he says. “There were certainly obstacles, but they have all faded into the shadows of the remarkable people who have helped me on my journey.”

His professional journey has hit its stride, with Nelson Mullins now the 69th-largest law firm in the country. His personal journey is also reaching new heights, partly because of his connection to his faith through Bible studies and from watching his four daughters grow up.

“I have recently recognized a transition, where knowledge and life lessons are no longer flowing in only one direction,” he says. “My eyes were opened to the fact that my girls were not just extensions of our thoughts and values, but they had become their own people, with their own perspectives and ideas. I am now learning about life from them, and that is inspiring.”

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