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Communication in our world today is all about speed, efficiency, and simplicity – how to get the clearest message out in the shortest span of time. At its root, Morse Code was developed in the early 1800s to send quick and simple messages, and that precedent still holds fast on how we aim to see communication develop today.

Mike Costello, owner of Melbourne-based Morse Communications, was in Army intelligence working with Morse Code during the early years of his career. He, along with his wife Annette, founded Morse Communications in 1994 primarily as a cable infrastructure company. Over its 20 years of business, Morse has grown in its capabilities, constantly evolving to fulfill a goal put in place over a century ago – to make communication faster, more efficient, and simpler for its customers.


Ever-Evolving Technology

As the company grew, Morse Communications expanded into voice, networking, data center, and peripheral application technologies, as well as security. “We really tout that we can do just about anything from end to end. We start with cabling to support network, data and voice, all the way through security,” said Kevin Hoffman, sales manager.

“This technology is continuing to expand every day. There’s always a new product that is better than the one you saw initially,” said Costello.

Its growing customer base has also allowed the company to venture into other regions of the U.S., with offices in Georgia, Houston,Virginia, and Illinois, along with a direct virtual office network of engineers placed all around the country.Without that network, the growth that Morse has experienced over the last 20 years would not have been possible.

“The way we really expanded was to win big projects in different locations throughout the U.S. Once the project was started, we needed a more local presence to support the client,” said Hoffman.

In recent years, cloud computing and hosting has become the star of the market and is continually advancing to make businesses and their employees more efficient, especially in cost. For phones, Morse delivers voice or a telephone system over the Internet without requiring a physical telephone line on the property. This hosted market is due to grow in the billions through 2017, making a total shift in how companies buy a phone system today. Hosted voice provides the same services, but as a monthly expense.

“Your phone numbers are ported to our data center, and then we deliver your phone service on our trunking over the Internet. It’s no different for the customer in how they make their call. The difference is you’ve eliminated the cost of putting something in the back closet that’s connected to physical lines,” said Hoffman.


1411.Morse-4344-Edit-2-EditAll Part of the Family

Morse Communications is a heavy operational company, with the majority of its employees either in the cabling division or engineering. But whether an employee is an engineer or in sales, in Melbourne or in Illinois, the belief they hold on to is to treat both fellow employees and customers like family.  Thus, they have high retention with clients like Harris Corporation, who became one of their first customers and remains today. Morse also has several employees who are coming up on their 20-year anniversaries.

As the holiday season begins, Morse looks forward to their annual Christmas celebration, where the Costello’s not only provide gifts for their employees, but their children as well, and pass them around as a family would on Christmas morning.

“We have longevity; we take care of one another within our company, and then everybody delivers the same vision of exceptional customer service. We see it as nobody really works for us, we all work together,” said Costello.

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