G.I. Tax Service

America’s Finest Tax Service

Company Name: G.I. Tax

Executive Name and Title: Glenn S. Sandler, CPA; Owner and Founder

Founded: 2011

Location: Melbourne

Website: gitax.com

G.I. Tax began its mission in 2011. Owner and Founder Glenn Sandler decided that not only did the country need a premier tax preparation service company who really cares about providing great service to its customers, but also one that wanted to help our American veterans as well. Sandler wanted to do more than just be able to offer jobs to veterans, he wanted to offer veterans a life opportunity. G.I. Tax offers veterans an opportunity to own their own businesses that will also employ and support other veterans. Sandler says his goal is to have over 1,000 G.I. Tax offices around the country that will ultimately employ tens of thousands of veterans.

Customers enjoy the professional customer service that G.I. Tax offers taxpayers, along with accurate tax returns during tax season. They also appreciate that G.I. Tax is open year-round. Mirroring the “genius bar” model of Apple stores, G.I. Tax offers a “patriot bar” to customers which offers free financial advice to them year-long as a thank you for being a G.I. Tax customer.

Sandler says, “Other tax prep companies just prepare tax returns during tax season and forget their customers until the next year. Most even close their doors May through December. G.I. Tax is different. Our ‘off-season’ is really our ‘on-season’ and we feel we should be our customer’s financial consultant all year long, not just during tax season.”

The niche of G.I. Tax lies in their franchise locations, which they want to continue to be owned and operated by former members of the United States military. Sandler asks, “Who is better equipped to take care of the American taxpayer than the person who fought for our freedom?” G.I. Tax donates a portion of every tax return to support military charities and wants to become one of the largest supporters of military charities in the country.

When one visits the G.I. Tax building, a feeling of patriotism overcomes them as they are surrounded by beautiful American flags, red, white, and blue décor, and the Pledge of Allegiance artwork on the walls. G.I Tax is proud to stand for “America and the American Dream.”

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