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National Center for Simulation

A National Catalyst for the Advancement of Modeling, Simulation and Training

Imagine firefighters rescuing victims from burning buildings without injury, first responders gaining instant access to medical training, or theme park guests encountering true Top Gun flight experiences. What commonalities do these scenarios share? The National Center for Simulation (NCS) helps support and promote the industry that turns these imaginative concepts into realities.

Building Simulation Synergy

As an industry trade association, NCS serves as an honest broker, linking 257 federal government agencies, military commands, academic institutions and industrial companies with Florida’s $6 billion Modeling, Simulation and Training (MS&T) industry. Focusing on advocacy, NCS members actively create environments incorporating collective and supportive efforts resulting in innovative applications, awareness and knowledge for military readiness, space exploration, healthcare, transportation, education, entertainment, and technology development. NCS built a network of affiliate members with simulation expertise at the regional, national and international levels.

“Most industry leaders and leading-edge simulation technology companies are NCS members. Anyone engaged in simulation- related technologies and innovation should join NCS,” said George Cheros, chief operating officer at NCS. “As an essential resource for information, NCS tells the MS&T story to decision makers and the general public, supports military training services and strengthens the simulation community’s synergy.”

Commanding with Distinction

Established as a White House Technology Reinvestment Program in 1994, NCS helped transfer military technologies into private sectors by pursuing educational, governmental and industrial market opportunities and creating, enhancing and preserving industry- related jobs. Today, Tom Baptiste, a retired Air Force Lieutenant General, serves as President and CEO of NCS. With 30-plus years of military experience, he commands with distinction and brings proven knowledge and strategic vision to the world-renowned MS&T center.

“Tom’s extensive experience uniting government, academia, and industry to MS&T within local and national communities is a tremendous asset,” Cheros said.

An Economic Engine

NCS protects, promotes and sets conditions to grow the MS&T industry through research, development and application. It serves as a platform between “traditional” simulation institutions and other technology-related communities. NCS partners with diverse organizational efforts, solving logistical problems for the military and expanding MS&T technology throughout the industry.

“Serving the national simulation community from Central Florida is an honor as NCS searches for innovative methodologies to employ simulation and advance to higher levels,” said Baptiste.

Economic development organizations within Central Florida promote the region beyond a vacation destination. It is a viable location to conduct high-tech business. As an extension of the Orlando Economic Partnership, NCS serves as an economic engine and concentrates on a single industry cluster. NCS has partnered with the State of Florida, the Central Florida business community and the University of Central Florida to provide over 400,000 square feet of office and research lab space for the military to develop, source and purchase the most sophisticated modeling and simulation training technology.

The Voice of Advocacy

NCS encourages companies and organizations to deliver more realistic and cutting-edge simulators for military, commercial and academic markets.

“We are the voice of advocacy,” said Baptiste.

For example, simulators hold the potential to significantly reduce military training costs while increasing the field readiness of troops. The challenge: ensuring integration of live, virtual and constructive simulation remains realistic enough to be accepted by the human operator.

“The military’s mission is to secure and maintain national security,” said Baptiste. “Therefore, NCS promotes the goodness of the military and the work being done that leads to the readiness of forces worldwide through high-tech modeling and simulation solutions used in training.”

Academic partnerships foster future workforces by creating career opportunities. For example, the University of Central Florida (UCF) produces more aerospace and defense engineers compared to other universities throughout the country.

“NCS advocates for UCF by promoting its direct support for the MS&T industry, engineering and computer science programs and the future workforce,” said Baptiste.

Yesterday’s Dreams, Tomorrow’s Realities

The MS&T industry continues to evolve, offering economic opportunities showcasing new simulation possibilities. NCS continues to build upon yesterday’s dreams and tomorrow’s realities.

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