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Jane Gregory | Orange County Environmental Protection Division

Jane Gregory

Company: Orange County Environmental Protection Division

Title: Environmental Program Supervisor

Education: University of Florida

Years in area: 18

Years at Company: 8

As a third-generation Floridian, Jane Gregory’s upbringing appears to have set the course for her career. Growing up in a small house with a big family, a lot of her time was spent in nature with her brothers and sisters. The idea was to keep the kids busy outside, but Gregory developed an affinity for the environment that has inspired her in both her personal and professional life ever since.

Hoping to work with farm animals, Gregory pursued her degree in agriculture and animal science at the University of Florida. After graduating, however, she worked in the environmental sector in a different capacity than expected: as a chemist and later as a hazardous waste inspector. It was the experience gained in these roles that set her career in motion, fostering her passion for advocating for and protecting the health of Florida’s natural resources. After meeting her husband and moving to West Palm Beach, she eventually came back to Central Florida to take on the role of environmental protection supervisor with the Orange County Environmental Protection Division.

Today, Gregory also serves as public information officer for the organization, bringing her knowledge and experience to the forefront by teaching classes in sustainability. Working with people from every industry and sector, she empowers those who may not otherwise know how to make a difference by sharing resources and information necessary to get involved.

“I want to inspire people to think big and make small impacts where they can,” Gregory explained.

She also serves as a director on the board of the Metropolitan Environmental Training Alliance, and as Orange County’s committee representative for the U.S. Green Building Council’s Central Florida Energy Efficiency Alliance. She is an active proponent of Good Food Central Florida, working with them to achieve a healthy and sustainable food system in Central Florida.

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