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Michael Monahan: Leading the Pack

President & CEO, Moxē

Two decades into his career in the corporate communications and public relations field, Michael Monahan joined Moxē as president and CEO. The move found him back in his hometown of Orlando, but it also offered new and challenging business opportunities.

“I joined Moxē for two primary reasons,” he said. “The first is that our ownership structure is outstanding and completely supportive of what we’re trying to do to serve the architecture, engineering, construction and building services categories —we want to be the best at that.” Moxē is the only fully integrated agency in the area that focuses exclusively on those sectors, he said.

“The second was the market opportunity,” Monahan said. “Here, in Orlando, there are several midsize agencies, most of whom do really good work, but there isn’t that Goliath in the market that will gobble up clients based on its sheer gravity. We’re in the business of building brands and, with that as our platform, we have a real opportunity to grow our business into one of the leading marketing agencies in Central Florida.”

With those big goals in mind, Moxē and Monahan set out to create a new industry standard for clients, leveraging their talent and experience to build their brands and drive marketing traction for clients.

“Enabling the success of others is the primary purpose of any leadership role,” Monahan said, speaking of both the firm and its clients. “Are you making things easier for your team by removing barriers, clearly articulating expectations and helping enable them to achieve results? Are you helping them learn, grow and develop in their careers? We are focused on that.”

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