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Parrish Medical Adapts to Latest Trend

In a world where drive-thrus are timed as closely as an NFL running back’s speed, and convenience is the end game for all retailers, it isn’t surprising that healthcare is adapting to the trend.

Cutting Edge Now Convenient

By Christina Brown Morrison

In a world where drive-thrus are timed as closely as an NFL running back’s speed, and convenience is the end game for all retailers, it isn’t surprising that healthcare is adapting to the trend. As new technology rapidly evolves, the need for innovative new facilities and access to services rapidly grows. The Parrish Medical Group (PMG) Diagnostic and Urgent Care Center in Titusville answers this demand for faster and easier access to lab services and digital medical imaging, including MRI, X-ray, and ultrasound.

The new center is located in a busy Target shopping plaza on State Road 405, strategically positioned closest to where residents live, work and play. Also nearby is The Great Outdoors Nature and Golf Resort on 2,800 acres, which is home to many retirees.

Construction of this new facility came with some challenges. Specifically, designing and building to optimize the space to create the best healing environment and patient experience, which is at the heart of Parrish Medical Center’s mission. Although the facility’s state-of-the-art Toshiba Titan MRI machine may have been the star player in the lineup, the access to other walk-in services, such as urgent care for minor emergencies and illnesses, was also a core focus in the functional design.

Parrish Medical Group, in cooperation with Parrish Medical Center, chose RUSH Construction, Inc. to design and build their new center. RUSH Construction is no stranger to challenging and critical projects. Their strong 31-year background in government and aerospace work helped pave the way for a transition to medical construction. Coincidentally, RUSH is also headquartered in Titusville and understands the impact these facilities have on the community and the patients that use them. This specialized expertise, along with the completion of four MRI facilities in the past year, has set RUSH Construction apart as the trusted contractor for imaging construction.

138A8356Every Building Has a Story

“RUSH Construction, Inc. is one of the most professional organizations that I have worked with in my 36 years of experience,” said Bob Dillow, director of facilities and construction for Parrish. “Working with Al Forbes, director of RUSH’s medical/commercial group, I found him to be ethical, professional, and competent, resulting in our project being well-run.

Most people do not consider how the design and construction of a medical facility affects other aspects of the patient experience, including value. Parrish Medical Group measures value to patients by quality, service, and price. Building this smaller, off-site location improved each of these metrics. The Parrish Medical Group Center was designed so that the urgent care center staff can work in harmony with highly trained, board certified radiologists and state-of-the-art medical technology. Faster image times, eliminating additional “films” to pick up before doctor visits, on-site services such as non-invasive tests, and more efficient transfers of patient information to other doctors, not only reduces the stress of the patient, but helps reduce out-of-pocket costs.

 Al Forbes led this project and considers it one of his most recent favorites. “As the designer/builder of this project, we were able to take a different approach,” said Forbes. “We hand-selected the design team and subcontractors to work together with the owner to reach the project’s ultimate goal. The entire project (including design and construction) was completed in about 15 weeks. It usually takes eight months to complete a project of this magnitude.”

William Chivers, president of RUSH Construction, added, “We like to say, ‘Every Building Has a Story,’ and this project tells the story of resource and innovation. Our team sees these construction projects as more than just ‘four walls and concrete.’ We take on these challenges knowing the impact they will have on our communities. We know we must do what it takes to deliver excellence with integrity to not only the client, but to the end user.”

This article appears in the June 2015 issue of i4 Business.
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