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SIMETRI designs, develops, and delivers technologies and services to address critical training gaps.

Founded in 2009, SIMETRI is an 8(a) certified, woman- owned, minority-owned small business headquartered in Winter Park, Florida, close to the University of Central Florida.

Angela Alban, SIMETRI’s CEO and president, leads a team that is dedicated to improving human performance. “In an effort to maximize learning outcomes for our end users, we deliver innovative products and services that leverage creativity and technology without limit,” Alban said.

“The makeup of our team is very diverse and that enables us to approach each client and project uniquely. I believe that SIMETRI continues to stand out among the rest by employing consistent and sophisticated engineering disciplines and processes.”

SIMETRI’s core capabilities include pioneering anatomical models, engineering training systems and test networks, iterative prototyping, integration, validation and verification, and delivering products and services.

One of SIMETRI’s discriminating strengths is the ability to partner with customers to complement their capabilities to develop new solutions or improve the current training efficiency.

For example, to address the growing number of lower extremity injuries to warfighters caused by the increased use of IEDs, SIMETRI partnered with the military to develop an interactive and cost-effective method for training medics. This award-winning fasciotomy part task trainer teaches a complicated and necessary procedure that helps prevent severe complications following these lower leg injuries.

SIMETRI’s core capabilities are relevant and extendable across different areas of technology development, and as a result, Alban has been has committed to growing the company in adjacent markets.

“The engineering discipline that we have developed in our current market enables us to carry this discipline to other market sectors. Originally, SIMETRI was solely focused on developing medical training technologies, but now we have begun to pursue and win work in professional services as well as manufacturing. Our agile culture has easily adapted to amplify our capabilities.”

SIMETRI’s Business Includes: 


• Software, Mechanical, Electrical, and Network Engineering
• Training and Instructional System Design
• Program Management
• Logistics
• Supply Chain Management


• Computer Aided Design
• Additive Manufacturing
• Electrical/Mechanical/Network Design, Assembly, and Testing


• Moulage
• Part Task Trainers
• Manikins
• Mobile Applications

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