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Marni Mullikin | Fattmerchant

We are most open to learning about ourselves and the world around us when we cultivate every aspect of our health, from emotional to physical to spiritual. Marni Mullikin learned just how essential each can be in both her personal and professional life from her favorite pastime.

“I love yoga,” Mullikin said. “I apply that to my everyday life — being present, being in the moment, keeping myself motivated. It’s a practice that lends itself to taking a step out of my comfort zone, to taking a leap.”

It can be hard to listen to your intuition, especially when it’s saying to take that leap, but as Mullikin proves, it pays off. After graduating from the University of Central Florida with a degree in communications, she became a social media and marketing intern for Orlando-based Fattmerchant, which provides flat-rate, month-to-month credit card processing for merchants.

Mullikin had little firsthand experience in the financial industry, so she had a lot to learn. As the company grew, she found herself continuously inspired by the vision and passion of founder and CEO Suneera Madhani and inspired to explore her own vision within the company. “I found myself drawn toward the operational side,” Mullikin said.

With support from Madhani and the rest of the team, Mullikin found herself feeling at home. “I always say that working here has been my MBA,” she said. “I’ve learned so much from them. At first it was a lot of new information and experiences, but the team is extremely smart and collaborative. And I really believed in their core values of transparency and honesty.”

Nearly five years later, Mullikin now works as Fattmerchant’s head of underwriting. Her job is to ensure that the customer experience in onboarding is frictionless, internal processes are optimized for “10x scalability,” and the company is maintaining risk and compliance standards in a constantly evolving industry.

In both her yoga and in her time at Fattmerchant, she has learned to cultivate her instincts — both how to listen to them and how to follow them. “I’ve learned so much, including how to trust your gut,” she said. “And my gut told me that this company was going to be big, and I wanted to be a big part of it.

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