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Since 1999, the UCF Business Incubation Program has been helping early-stage companies develop into financially stable, high-impact enterprises by providing resources and services that facilitate smarter, faster growth. Today it is the gold standard, recognized around the world for its effectiveness.

Curium Solutions

President: Daniel Entwistle

Location: Orlando

Year Founded: 2008

Primary Business:
Business management company

Website: curiumsolutions.com/us

The line between a moderately successful business and highly successful one can be hard to cross, but Curium Solutions is helping companies do it every day. Curium Solutions is a business management company that aims to empower people and organizations across the world to achieve their personal and business potential. Having worked with big name companies like Clarks, Nationwide and Debenhams, Curium is one of the most trusted names in its field.

Curium uses simplified change solutions to help companies improve performance, build culture and make smart business decisions. The company communicates with clients to identify their individual goals, assess the workplace environment and give them the tools and techniques to make a real and lasting impact. It also offers Curium Academy, an online, digital platform for clients that provides tools, templates and techniques in real-time.

Originally founded in Europe, the company’s U.S. branch was founded by Daniel Entwistle, president of Curium Solutions US, which is located in Orlando. Before bringing Curium to the United States, Entwistle was a senior consultant for Curium in Manchester, England.


Founder: David Lamb

Location: Apopka

Year Founded: 2012

Primary Business:
Tank monitor company

Website: invigicom.com

In today’s age of the Internet, almost everything can be connected to a smartphone. However, when you think of the latest apps, one that connects to an oil, gas or water tank usually does not come to mind. Invigicom, founded by David Lamb, is leading the wave of Internet connectivity, enabling users to instantly monitor multiple tanks from their computers, tablet or smartphone.

InvigiSense is the company’s wireless tank monitoring system. Ideal for non-hazardous liquids, this easy-to-install device attaches directly to the port of the tank. Once installed, users can wirelessly connect it to their device within minutes. The system provides 24/7 access to the tank’s data from anywhere in the world, even offering an option to send users email alerts when preset levels are reached.

The system has quickly changed the world of wireless communications in a niche field. By allowing its customers to easily check how many gallons are in each tank, where and when, it has helped companies to drastically reduce costs and increase productivity. The program also allows companies to keep track of more tanks at once. By keeping these users in touch with their assets, Invigicom is providing enhanced business intelligence, improved security and reduced risk of pollution.


Founder: Kristine Thomas

Location: Orlando

Year Founded: 2014

Primary Business:
Nutrition and wellness

Website: getwelli.com



Welli is wellness and innovation. Its mission is to build a healthy and sustainable foundation for the future of its clients and the health of its employees. The company focuses on consulting and programming for businesses because wellness and nutrition education in the workplace is an opportunity to minimize the impact of chronic disease on employee health, curb the cost of health care coverage and increase employer competitiveness in the war for talent.

Welli has worked with such businesses as Orlando Health, Florida Hospital and The Orlando Science Center and
was featured at GuideWell Innovation’s Greater Than Cancer: The Other Side, powered by the American Cancer Society.

“Just being accepted into the UCF Incubator is an honor,” said Kristine Thomas, founder and chief wellness officer.

In a way, it opens doors to community members and partners that might not have otherwise seen a small business like mine. The incubator is that community stamp of approval and champion for entrepreneurial business owners like myself.”


President: Kyle Evans

Location: Orlando

Year Founded: 2014

Primary Business:
Security and risk management consulting services company

Website: redconsolutionsgroup.com

REDCON Solutions Group, a security and risk management consulting services company, was founded in 2014 by retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Kyle Evans. Today, the Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) prides itself on hiring and placing veterans, as well as  maintaining the same work ethic and mission-focused dedication taught to team members during their military service.

The company specializes in contractual programs for security, risk assessment consulting and training services worldwide, and works with both commercial and federal government agencies. With experience working with clients in the education, healthcare, corporate, government, retail and residential sectors, REDCON is well-rounded and diverse. The name “REDCON” derives from the military term “Readiness, Condition to respond.”

Evans credited the University of Central Florida’s Business Incubator Program as a critical resource to REDCON. “The incubator has been an incredible resource and a key to the success of our small business,” he said. “The insight and guidance we received from the Excellence in Entrepreneurship Program has proved invaluable.”


Founder: Phil Dumas

Location: Winter Park

Year Founded: 2010

Primary Business:
Alternative access control company

Website: unikey.com

Then Phil Dumas founded UniKey in 2010, he dreamed of a day when the world would not need keys. Today, with partners around the world and an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank under his belt, he is closer to that dream becoming a reality. Unikey rapidly develops and deploys smart lock or access control products on a proven, scaled and secure platform, and its core technology allows for home access free of keys, fingerprints or passcodes.

In 2013, Unikey partnered with Kwikset, the leading residential lock manufacturer in North America, to create the Kevo, the world’s first smart lock. The Kevo connects to people’s smartphone, allowing them to track who is locking and unlocking their doors. It also includes options to receive notifications when other household members arrive home after school or work, and the ability to send E-keys to neighbors or friends who are housesitting. Since then, UniKey has partnered with other companies to produce additional smart security products.

Savage Race

CEO: Sam Abbitt

Location: Winter Park

Year Founded: 2011

Primary Business:
Obstacle race course company

Website: savagerace.com

If you have ever wanted to swim through 60,000 pounds of ice, crawl under barbed wire through a mud pit or slide down a 24-foot-tall structure, then Savage Race, a race with 25 obstacle courses, may be for you. This unique race experience prides itself on helping participants make lifelong memories.

The obstacle courses are the highlight of the experience, ranging from Lumberjack Lane, where participants carry heavy logs across a lake, to Sawtooth, a 35-foot monkey bar structure above water. Each race averages approximately 5.9 miles, but the distance changes depending on which location you are in. All participants are provided with RFID chips to time their journey.

CEO Sam Abbitt’s interest in obstacle racing, fitness and endurance sports is what drove him to create Savage Race, which he co-founded with Lloyd Parker in 2011. “My experience with the UCF Incubation Program was excellent,”

AVT Simulation

CEO: Robert Abascal

Location: Orlando

Year Founded: 1998

Primary Business:
Modeling and Simulation

Website: avtsim.com

AVT Simulation is an Orlando-based, end-to-end systems integration and full-service modeling and simulation small business. It works with military personnel to keep them trained and equipped with the latest technology. With an average of more than 20 years’ experience in the field of simulation and training, each staff member provides specialized engineering services to their customers.

To differentiate itself from other companies, ATV takes a committed, customer-first approach by providing customers with access to the industry’s leading subject matter experts to ensure on-point solutions. To achieve long-term life cycle solutions, it always conducts a thorough analysis of alternatives to ensure the product or solution for its customers.

AVT was founded in 1998 by current CEO Robert Abascal. Since then, the company has gained contracts with the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Marine Corps. The company has won multiple awards, including the SMART Award by the Association for Corporate Growth in 2014 and the Florida Companies to Watch list in 2013.


CEO: Aziz Patel

Location: Winter Springs

Year Founded: 2002

Primary Business: Airline supplier of proprietary lavatory-centric products

Website: freshorize.com

Freshorize was founded in 2002 by entrepreneur Aziz Patel to combat unpleasant odors from on-board restrooms during long flights. The company was the first in its industry to create a 3-in-1 soap, air freshener and moisturizer. The award-winning design is now used on many airlines, including Delta and British Airways and completely eliminates bad odors. The company’s most recent release is an all-in-one ECO cleaner for airlines.

With eight signature fragrances to choose from and a large range of fragrance, cleaning and skincare products, Freshorize has quickly gained recognition as a leader in its field. Its soap on Delta flights has received hundreds of positive reviews. Freshorize is an international company that recently expanded to the United States in 2013. Its office in Winter Springs works closely with the office in London, United Kingdom, to form new ideas and build the brand.

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