Growing Sales with Joe and Dawn Pici

Joe and Dawn Pici are helping individuals gain the skill sets needed to compete in today’s complex business and sales arenas.


Joe and Dawn Pici are the real deal in the world of sales and business strategy. Joe, the bold, unshakable, laser-focused sales strategist, is regarded as one of the best in the business at booking appointments on hot, warm or cold calls. Dawn, the insightful, inspiring, vibrant business strategist, was recently voted one of the top 10 female lead generation experts on LinkedIn. Together, they offer tactical sales training, speaker boot camps, DISC certification, LinkedIn training and corporate consulting through their company, Pici & Pici.

Joe, with 25 years of experience coaching top sales professionals, is the company’s COO. He has a proven track record of teaching sales professionals and teams to generate more leads, book more appointments, close more sales, increase repeat business and customer loyalty, improve communication, hone in on growth potential, and achieve industry leading return on investment.

Dawn, the company’s CEO, is the developer of Rapport Mastery and other successful proprietary training programs. She also has a proven track record teaching business leaders and professionals to drive sales, attract and retain top talent, decrease employee turnover and workplace conflict, improve communication and morale, boost efficiency and productivity, and deliver compelling, engaging presentations.

Joe Pici was recognized as one of the
TOP 30 Sales Trainers / Speakers by Global Gurus in 2018.

Rapport Mastery is the duo’s method for applying the DISC model of human behavior to real-world situations to build positive relationships, increase leads and sales, secure a client base and maximize productivity. It is a high-energy, interactive program that incorporates live phone skills and sales coaching via real, on-the-spot, in-class outbound calls.

From Football to Cold Calls

“I went from football coach to direct sales,” recalled Joe. “Surprisingly the transition went pretty smoothly for me. After a while, I started speaking and training and had some success with that. I also developed my own training methodology.”

Joe and Dawn actually started working together in 1992, and at first it was tough because, as Joe admitted: “It was my fault because I’m a Type A personality and had to learn how to work with a people-oriented person like Dawn. I’m task and result oriented and very straight forward; Dawn is people oriented and leaves a good impression. We realized our differences were an asset. We filled in each other’s gaps and placed our overall mission above individual agendas. It’s all about delivering what the client needs.”

As certified human behavior consultants, Joe and Dawn write their own training courses. They focus on real-world, application-based training. “We teach people how to give a core story, the value piece that compels people to want to sit down with you for the next step,” explained Joe. “We’re not afraid to put our necks on the line; we live by our results.”

Duties are split. Dawn does social media work and training, and Joe handles traveling engagements. Both agree that if you own a business, you better know how to sell, and you need skill-based training for this. “Realized sales is generating leads, getting an appointment with the decision maker and having consultative appointments where clients do most of the talking,” said Joe. “It’s about process – the importance of process.”

Joe admits to having made mistakes growing the business, so he developed a strategy called priority management – a systematic approach to every decision. It enables you to say “no” to a lot of things, stay the course and stay on point. Priority management is the key to making this happen. Joe also admits that building a brand today is both easier and harder than in the past.

“Social media allows play for no money, and this can certainly help grow your brand,” he said, “but there’s a lot more clutter, which makes differentiating yourself harder. You have to know how to sell your uniqueness.”

As far as the future is concerned, their focus will be on applicable knowledge and the art of application-based training. Continuing to specialize how they approach training will be critical.

“I feel like we’re just getting started,” said Joe. “We’re taking this to another level – both nationally and internationally – and it helps that we both love what we do. The one thing I have to remember, in order to really make this work, is that Dawn is my wife first, business partner second.”


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