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Challenging Ourselves to Learn and Grow

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.” As we are completing our fourth edition as a new team producing this magazine, we’re currently working to streamline and improve our processes. We’re seeking ways to automate tasks that are not people-related and maximize the use of our digital tools. The change we see happening is responsibilities are becoming more clearly defined. This frees us all up for more creative and collaborative initiatives, which will lead to both growth in the marketplace and expansion of our audience.It’s also important to me that we are each growing ourselves. We can all learn great lessons from athletes. Winning players don’t stop practicing. Growing, learning and improving is an ongoing process in and of itself — if we’re working smart.

I had the opportunity last month to attend a workshop by one of my first mentors. She taught me the importance of planning — starting with long-term goals and breaking things down into benchmarks, then taking things all the way through to daily activities. This involves tracking and investing your time intentionally in the things that take you closer to your goals. Even though the content was fresh and relevant to the business world today, the principles remain the same.

There are many organizations in the Central Florida region that are supporting, facilitating and recognizing growth in our community. Programs like CEO Leadership Forums, Athena PowerLink, CEO Nexus and Grow FL, just to name a few, support and provide resources for entrepreneurs as they continue to grow. In the coming year, we will continue to highlight more of these programs in addition to initiatives that are building our leaders in the community.

Next month, we’ll recognize eight business leaders who are making a positive impact in the Central Florida region. We hope you will join us December 5 at our annual Business Leaders of the Year Awards dinner to meet and hear from these remarkable individuals.

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Cherise Czaban

Cherise Czaban is the publisher of i4 Business magazine and the CEO of i4 Business LLC. She formerly served as vice president of business development for SCB Marketing, the previous publishers of i4 Business.

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