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Publisher’s Perspective | The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

We’re excited to introduce you to our first “official” issue as the new team behind i4 Business. Through the transition, the most common question I’m asked is about what changes we’ll be making.

Before I answer that, I first want to share how this came about. I’ve had the privilege of working as part of the leadership team at SCB Marketing for the past five years. Joseph Duda, retired CEO of A. Duda & Sons, has led the SCB team in the role of chairman of the board, and we’ve worked closely with him for the past few years. As Jeff Piersall and Eric Wright were expanding with TrepTalks, their educational platform, Joseph recommended I meet his daughter, Donna Duda, who was a minority investor in the launch of i4 Business five years ago, and discuss the possibility of purchasing the magazine. He thought it was an opportunity we should explore.

Well, within two short weeks, Donna and I met and I invited Diane Sears, a well-respected and accomplished author and editor, to join us. We all came to an agreement, and the purchase was put into motion.

So to answer the question about change … the foundation of the magazine has always been about telling the positive success stories of individuals and companies in the Central Florida area. This will not change. i4 Business is one of the most trusted voices for and about the Central Florida business community. We are a vehicle for empowerment, mentorship and inspiration.

The magazine’s tagline has been “Promoting Entrepreneurship throughout Central Florida.” We’ve changed it slightly to “Promoting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship.”

We will continue to be a vehicle for telling stories of individuals in our community who exemplify the characteristics of the spirit of entrepreneurship … those who are making a positive impact, those who believe in the power of business, those who are risk-takers, courageous and inspiring, and those who are making a difference in the lives of others.

Central Florida is a community built on innovation, filled with individuals who are creative and focused on growth and improvement. i4 Business will continue to promote, celebrate and tell these stories. We will equip the community with insight from those who have the entrepreneurial spirit.

As for managing the change, we have put an advisory board into place, and we’d like to thank the individuals who have joined our initial group: Gwen Hewitt, Karen Keene, CarolAnn Dykes Logue, Catherine Losey, Lena Graham Morris, Hope Newsome, Mary Shanklin and Romaine Seguin.

I hope you enjoy learning about the evolving image of tourism in the region. Next month we’ll feature companies in the manufacturing industry and how innovation is impacting one of the oldest industries in the country.

To Your Success,

Cherise Czaban

CEO and Publisher


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Cherise Czaban

Cherise Czaban is the publisher of i4 Business magazine and the CEO of i4 Business LLC. She formerly served as vice president of business development for SCB Marketing, the previous publishers of i4 Business.

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