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Our country, from its inception, has put a premium on education. Historically, it was considered a prerequisite of good citizenship to be informed and therefore to have the ability to read. It was also part of the country’s spiritual heritage, where reading sacred texts was essential for moral development and personal growth. Education was also seen as a gateway to economic advancement, and it became one of the primary legacies parents wanted to ensure for their children.

Not since the introduction of universal public education has society been reexamining the method and delivery of education like we are seeing today. Most educators realize we are still using a model that was developed during the industrial revolution, where the premium was on efficiency and mass production, coupled with an annual schedule that gave students the opportunity to aid in cultivation and harvest, i.e. summer vacation.

This month we feature some of the thought leaders in our region to see more clearly what is on the horizon, along with the type of innovations helping create a vibrant talent pipeline for our fast-growing local economy.

Favorite Quotes From This Issue:

“You aren’t born smart; you become smart based on the effort and hard work you invest in learning. Effort cannot be underestimated. If you work harder, you get smarter.”

— Dr. Barbara Jenkins [Pg 16]

“Narrow job training isn’t going to prepare students for a lifetime of careers in industries that don’t exist right now, nor will it prepare them to critically and collaboratively approach the pressing issues of tomorrow.”

— Grant Cornwell Ph.D. [Pg 28]

Over three-plus decades, Dr. Pizam grew hospitality education at UCF from a single business course into a world-renowned college and pinnacle for the university.

— George Aguel [Pg 44]

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