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The most common question that people ask me is, “Should I spend my entire marketing and advertising budget on digital marketing?”

Should You Put All Your Eggs In One Basket?

The most common question that people ask me is, “Should I spend my entire marketing and advertising budget on digital marketing?” The short and sweet response to this is simply, no. While this may not be the most popular answer in my industry, it is the truth. The true key to marketing and advertising success is diversity and a blended strategy.

As someone who has worked in marketing for more than 15 years, I have spent millions of advertising dollars on behalf of several companies. Never in those years has a single medium received a majority of the budget. Funds have always needed to be spread out and diversified through print, TV, radio, billboards, direct mail, press releases, search engine marketing, e-mail marketing and social media marketing.

The centerpiece and “hub” of any modern advertising and marketing strategy is your website. Modern marketers need to use their website as a communication tool, tying together all other marketing efforts. The days of calling a phone number when you see a TV ad or hear a neat radio promotion are over. Now, those same ads will push everyone to the business’s website in order to learn more information about the promotion.

One of the effective strategies to drive traffic to your website is through traditional media. Services that push your message to a large audience can create buzz that drives potential customers to your website. These visitors are looking for additional details about your product, service or even simply to learn more about your company.

Push vs. Pull

The Push

Traditional marketing strategies can typically be categorized as a “push.” Businesses purchase media and place their advertising where its distribution could possibly be seen by a potential customer. Think of a billboard on a busy highway, on which a hotel has placed an advertisement, just miles before their business. Not everyone who sees the billboard is a potential customer, but it is a great place to be found by someone who is driving and is tired.

The Pull

All marketing strategies can be categorized as either a “push” or a “pull.” Websites are a perfect example of pull marketing and it is the cornerstone strategy of most online marketers. Pull marketing is the strategy of making a product or service easier to find online by customers who are looking right then and there. This is a great approach and regularly provides a higher ROI than nearly any other marketing strategy. Although it can be incredible, it’s certainly not perfect.


Why You Need Both

Online marketing strategies are effective when your audience is Internet users who have a want or need for your product or service. But you don’t just want those customers; you want the people who didn’t look for you online. You also want the people who didn’t realize that you have something they didn’t know they needed and weren’t looking for!

According to Wikipedia, effective frequency is the number of times a person must be exposed to an advertising message before a response is made and before exposure is considered wasteful. With this thought process in mind, it typically takes a consumer to see a brand or absorb its message 4-6 times before remembering it when considering a purchase. That being said, if you were only advertising online, customers wouldn’t remember your brand and seek you out.

The ultimate goal is that the consumer sees your TV commercial, then reads your ad in a local magazine, hears a friend rave about how great your business is, and then finally lands on Google where they type in the product or service they are looking for. Now comes the moment of truth. Will they find your business and seal the deal on that final “touch” that will turn that potential customer into
a consumer?

Main Street is now dead, and has been replaced by the Internet – your  “virtual storefront” – and, more than ever, businesses across the globe are investing to make sure their “digital storefront” is just as compelling as their actual storefront.

In conclusion, blended strategies are the most effective. By using online and offline marketing mediums in an approach, you’ll get the most bang for your buck from your marketing budget. You will be able to touch buyers in traditional media and drive them online for more information to seal the deal.

Scott-Brazdo-6556-Edit-2Scott Brazdo is the CEO and co-founder of Black Tie Digital Marketing. www.blacktiedigital.com

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