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It’s not hard to explain why blogging is so important for businesses because businesses already know.

It is as Easy as Just Starting

It’s not hard to explain why blogging is so important for businesses because businesses already know. What is hard to explain is why they’re still not doing it.  The trepidation is understandable, but starting a killer blog for your business doesn’t have to be as hard or time consuming as you think it does. The secret to crafting a company blog that benefits your business is the same secret you discovered when you started your business: know what you want and go after it.

The Basics

Blogs are the best way to catch the eye of a search engine. They create new pages, fill your website with relevant keywords and ultimately make it easy for your ideas to be found on the web.

As your voice on the Internet, they give you a chance to talk to your customers and become an authority. People looking for information on any given topic read blogs. By adding your expertise to their search results, you drive traffic to your website and could be aggregating new clients and customers.

What to Blog About

For a blog to be helpful, it cannot become stagnant. The fear of running out of ideas and killing a blog is what keeps many companies from even beginning one in the first place. To reap the benefits of a blog you need to consistently and continually publish content. To avoid starving your blog, first decide what you’re going to write about.

A good motto to follow is: if you’re interested, someone else will be too. A place to start when crafting a content strategy is to discuss your products and services. At some point in time, someone will be doing a Google search on your specialization. No matter how mundane and routine something may seem to you, to a potential client your explanation and advice could prove to be worth its weight in gold.

When you’ve exhausted your products and services, remember that every industry has news, trends and controversies. No matter if you’re a dentist, a financial advisor or a restaurateur, there is always something you can be writing about. Inserting your opinion and expertise into the constant hum of the 24-hour news cycle adds fresh, new content to trends people are actively searching.   

Remember that inspiration can strike at any time. If your office manger brings up a great point about consumer trends, write about it. If you find customers keep asking you the same question, write about it. If you wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea, email it to yourself and write about it in the morning. The best ideas can come from the most unpredictable sources; keep your eyes and ears open.

Quality vs. Quantity

Once you’ve got some good ideas the question becomes, “How long do these need to be?” The answer is as long as you’d like. The most important thing is that your blogs contain quality information.  While it’s true that longer blog posts, between 1,000 and 2,000 words, are shared more, posting short blogs, between 150-200 words, have shown to produce a dedicated following of readers.

If you’ve got the time to research and the passion to write 1,000 words on any given topic, you’re filling your website with quality, keyword-rich content that will be valuable to your customers. If your topic doesn’t warrant 1,000 words, you’re still adding searchable pages to your website that customers looking for quick answers will gobble up.

What To Do With Your Blogs

Writing blogs is not enough; you’ve got to do something to get them out there. Search engines will crawl and index your pages for web surfers, but by getting social, you can put your business one step ahead of the bots. Using your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any other platform puts your blogs directly in front of your friends and customers. Utilizing the “Boost” and “Promote” features on these social platforms can also further your blog’s visibility.

What It Boils Down To

Blogs are an invaluable, dynamic part of your website. They improve your search rankings and bring your ideas, products and services to potential customers. 

Providing fresh, quality content is the only way your website is going to perform at its peak and become the customer-converting machine you hoped it would.  You’ve got the tools at your disposal. Don’t wait any longer, start that blog and if you can’t, find a local agency that can do it for you. 

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Scott is the CEO and co-founder of Melbourne-based Black Tie Digital Marketing.  Black Tie Digital combines the power of ten traditional marketing vendors all built into one agency. Find out more at BlackTieDigital.com

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