Massey Services – We Are Green

& Have Been for More than 30 Years

By Sebastian Northside

You might not think of a pest, termite and landscape company as being “green,” but Massey Services has been occupying the “green space” for a long time. In fact, they’ve been rewarded for their environmentally responsible approach to pest, termite and lawn care services since the early 1990s. The business continues to grow each year and in February, Massey Services entered their seventh state, North Carolina. They also provide services in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, South Carolina and Oklahoma.

Most of the great ideas in history are relatively simple concepts. This is the case with pest prevention, a program Massey Services introduced more than 25 years ago. Traditional pest control involves the application of pesticides, whether needed or not. Massey’s Pest Prevention was developed with the environment in mind. This program eliminates the conditions, avenues and sources of pest infestation in and around homes and businesses. By preventing pests from getting inside, this reduces or even eliminates indiscriminate spraying of pesticides inside our homes or businesses. Central Florida’s very own Massey Services invented it and the entire industry in North America subsequently embraced and adopted this idea.

Massey Services leads the way in providing termite protection without using over 400 gallons of water on each home they protect. For example, their pre-construction and post-construction treatment programs protect wood from the ground up.  Massey Services believes so much in the program that they offer one of the best termite protection guarantees in the industry.  And that’s something that is very important to the founder and CEO of Massey Services, Harvey L. Massey.

Their landscape program includes soil aeration and soil perforation – one of the most environmentally beneficial practices for a green, healthy landscape. Soil aeration maximizes water consumption, increases oxygen, which enhances root growth, and reduces fertilizer runoff.

Talking green is easy. Going green is a different matter entirely. These are but a few of the ways Massey Services has changed the way business is done in the pest, termite and lawn service industry.

For more information, visit: masseyservices.com.

Green isn’t a new idea.
At Massey Services, it’s part of our past and our future.

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