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imec: A Trusted R&D Partner

In 2016, Belgium-based imec partnered with BRIDG, the University of Central Florida and Osceola County to establish its first U.S.-based design center—imec USA Nanoelectronics Design Center.

Imec is the international leader in complex nanoelectronics research that enables many consumer-recognized, high-value companies to deliver industry-leading electronic products and solutions to the market. Starting in 1984 with an initial group of 70 employees, today imec counts around 4,000 brilliant minds as its workforce. The center’s turnover grew from a few tens of millions to over half a billion euros over the last 30 years — the bulk of which come from direct collaborations with companies. Imec, in its turn, has evolved from an emerging lab assisting companies to an acclaimed research hub where the electronics community convenes to advance multiple industry technology roadmaps.

imec, Belgium Headquarters

A Record of Success

The imec success model has been exported all over the world. In 2005, imec together with TNO and with support from the Dutch government established the Holst Centre at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. This independent R&D center develops technologies for wireless autonomous sensor technologies and flexible electronics in an open innovation setting.

In 2008, imec established its first overseas development site in Hsinchu, Taiwan with an R&D department focusing on system development and product prototyping and manufacturing. To better serve its partners, imec has regional partnership offices in San Francisco (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Osaka (Japan), Shanghai (China), and Bangalore (India). Imec extended its global innovation footprint in July 2016 when it selected Florida as the headquarters location for its official USA Design Center.

“Imec is extremely pleased to collaborate with partner organizations in Florida and recognize Osceola County as an interesting location to drive the next phase of growth and innovation,” said imec President and CEO Luc Van den hove. “Together with industrial and academic partners, we aim to develop sustainable solutions and technologies to accelerate innovation and stimulate economic growth.”

Imec USA R&D Center Focus

Imec’s research is based on the vision of a better future for the planet and its people. Activities at imec’s center focus on advanced high-speed electronics, photonics, and specialized imaging technologies. Imec has a proven history of revolutionizing these technologies, and they have the potential to be disruptive in many domains significant to the U.S. market.

Imec USA also facilitates collaboration between its Belgium headquarters and U.S.-based semiconductor and system companies, universities and research institutes, and can offer critical services to companies that want to develop and manufacture innovative electronics. These activities also significantly enhance the BRIDG fabrication operation by acting as a feeder to BRIDG ’s manufacturing development facility to align capabilities, produce prototypes, and support low-volume production.

Drawing Attention and Talent to Central Florida

Over the next several years, imec and BRIDG anticipate hiring a significant number of scientists, engineers, and administrative personnel while attracting other high-tech companies that focus on products and systems critical to U.S. markets including healthcare, aerospace, security, and transportation.

The potential for new advancements in technology is limitless, and this partnership is poised to shine the global high-tech spotlight on Florida. By collaborating, innovating and working together, BRIDG and imec aim to lift the community to transform the future.

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