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2015 Entrepreneur of the Year: Communications

It takes a rare courage and sense of vision for someone to uproot from their native country and transplant themselves into not only a different culture, but one with a different language. Then, add to that trading the national notoriety he enjoyed for relative obscurity, and rebuilding your career from the ground up. That is exactly what Hector Marcano did when he moved his family from Puerto Rico, and he did it at a time in his life when others would be thinking about resting on their laurels.

An innovation leader with over 30 years of media industry experience, Marcano is a dynamic ambassador, bridging the gap between the Hispanic American and Anglo American culture, with a passionate and insatiable entrepreneurial spirit. The Vice President of Hispanic Operations East, Marcano works with iHeartMedia’s Hispanic radio stations, with a special focus in the Miami, Chicago, Orlando and Atlanta markets.

Effective?  iHeart’s WRUM Rumba 100.3, which Marcano is also the general manager of, not only has the largest market share of the highly competitive and fast growing Hispanic market, it has the largest market share of the entire radio market, beating every other station: rock, country, classical or news/talk.

“Hector has been a game changer for us in Orlando,” iHeart Market President Linda Byrd said. “He has great vision and a deep knowledge of the Hispanic Market.”

“I was built to race,” Marcano shared, “and I lead with a few simple rules: One, take charge; when you have the opportunity to act, act. The other is to simply do the right thing and partner with the right people. That is the only way to ensure your ideas will find fertile ground to grow.”   

This article appears in the December 2015 issue of i4 Business.
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