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2015 Entrepreneur of the Year: Scott Sims | Victory Tailgate

In true entrepreneurial fashion, Scott Sims continues to innovate and find ways to leverage his design, printing and manufacturing capabilities.

2015 Entrepreneur of the Year: Manufacturing

“When you grow so large, so fast, it is such a challenge to maintain the culture of quality and excellence that we want in all of our workforce,” Scott Sims mused as he discussed the remarkable growth his company has experienced in just a few short years. But the company that turned a backyard and tailgating game into a branding and manufacturing enterprise, which is experiencing meteoric growth with over 400 employees working round the clock in their peak season, is still laser focused on quality and innovation.

A Florida native and UF graduate, Sims switched from journalism to business because, “I was thinking about how to turn ideas into business opportunities during my classes, so I became a finance major. After college, in my first job, within three months I was running the business and thought at the time, ‘I’m not sure I should work for someone else.’”

Sims went from a sports memorabilia company and looking for new lines to add, to seeing that tailgating itself was fast becoming a popular college and professional sports phenomenon.  With it, the game cornhole was the choice for pre and post-game activity. From his garage, to a vast design, manufacturing and distribution plant, Sims is the classic entrepreneur.

In true entrepreneurial fashion, he continues to innovate and find ways to leverage his design, printing and manufacturing capabilities. Currently he is launching an entirely new line of themed sports apparel, and we are certain it won’t end there. 

This article appears in the December 2015 issue of i4 Business.
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